Tuesday, March 21, 2017

One Cool Thing - Style Files

This week we'll take a look at "one cool thing" you can do with your Yamaha Arranger Workstation keyboard - performing with Style Files.

Style Files allow you to become a "one-man band" by playing your Yamaha keyboard using complete backing ensembles that you control! These files can be used for original songs, playing a hit song or while improvising with new musical ideas.

How they work: Yamaha Styles are controlled by the chords you play with your left hand. When you play a chord on your Yamaha keyboard, an entire backing ensemble will join your performance based on the chord you are playing. Style files allow you to take a whole band with you on the go or work on new songs in a variety of musical genres. From Rock to Jazz, Classical to Country, Style Files will make you sound like a pro!

Below is a brief video tutorial demonstrating Style Files:

When you are ready to expand your Style, check out all of the available Styles at Yamaha MusicSoft.com.

- The Yamaha MusicSoft team