Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Expand your instrument, expand your music

Many new instrument owners ask the question, “What else can I do with my keyboard once I get it home?” Yamaha keyboards are designed with expansion in mind! From new MIDI songs and styles to expansion packs and voices, Yamaha MusicSoft has everything you need to fully enjoy your instrument.

Here's a list of the most popular ways you can expand your instrument:

  Add new MIDI Songs – All the latest MIDI songs optimized for your instrument

2)  Add new  Style files – Expansion styles based on the latest hit songs!

3)  Install new Voice & Style Expansion Packs – PSR-S and A series owners have styles and voices from instruments around the globe

4)  Install new  Premium Packs – Exclusive, regional-themed expansion packs for the Tyros series of arranger workstations

5)  Explore new  Synth Voice Libraries – Our MONTAGE and Motif synths includes expansion packs from piano and organ to the exotic

6)  Explore new  PianoSoft – Popular songs are available for the entire Disklavier family of instruments including: ENSPIRE, E3, Mark IV and DKC-850

7)  Increase your piano proficiency with  learning systems for all levels including: Playground Sessions, You Are The Artist, Follow Lights, Kooky Karaoke, CueTIME and Keyboard Encounters

8)  Mix  Custom Audio Backing Tracks – Create your mix and download a backing track of live musicians. Perfect for singer-songwriters!

9) Install flash memory – 512MB and 1GB expansion memory modules are available for select instruments so you can have several packs loaded at a time. Perfect for an entire set list that requires a variety of styles. (These modules can be purchased directly through your local Yamaha dealer or at

In addition to expanding your instrument, you can expand your musical repertoire with thousands of printable sheet music titles from our site. We are adding new content to our site every week. So, rest assured, your Yamaha instrument will continue to provide you with enjoyment for years to come!

Please continue to send your requests and questions.

The Yamaha MusicSoft team