Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Which MIDI Song version do I choose?

“What’s the deal with the different versions of MIDI Songs on your site?”

This is a common question that we receive from visitors to our new site. When you arrive at a product detail page for a MIDI Song on our site, you are given a list of several versions to choose from. So the question remains, which version do I choose for my instrument and why?

There is a helpful link called “Help Me Choose” on the product detail page that provides further descriptions of each version. By clicking on this link, I am presented with a pop up window explaining the different song versions with brief descriptions and Yamaha instrument examples by model number:

Those familiar with Yamaha instruments know that each instrument contains a different built-in sound engine and additional features that are unique to that instrument. When we create MIDI Songs for playback in these instruments, the data file for that MIDI Song is custom tailored and optimized for that specific instrument to take full advantage of all of the voices, styles and features built into that model. This is why we ask you to "Select your Yamaha instrument" from the list so the system knows how to provide you with the matching song version for your instrument.

For example, I have a Yamaha Tyros 5 Arranger Workstation keyboard. This particular keyboard has a feature called “Ensemble Voice” that allows you to setup a brass section in the keyboard like a real orchestra by recreating the subtle timing differences between individual horn players and assigning (mapping) different voices to the different instruments in the ensemble (trumpet, tuba, etc.) to simulate a real orchestral brass section. This gives performing these parts on the Tyros 5 a sense of space, depth and realism that rivals the sound of a real orchestra! (Follow this link to preview an example mp3 file).

With this example in mind, I’ll be sure to select the “XT5” version of the MIDI Song to take full advantage of all of the features available in my Tyros 5 instrument:

Better yet, I'll let the website do it for me! The beauty of clicking "Select your Yamaha instrument" at the beginning of your website browsing session is that the system automatically pre-selects the correct version of the MIDI Song for you. (This is indicated with a red "Recommended" label.) From there, you can add your selection to your shopping cart and check out knowing you’ll be receiving the perfect version for your instrument.
Please continue to check back each week for more tutorials, tricks and tips. And, keep those questions coming!

-       The Yamaha MusicSoft team