Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to subscribe to Piano Radio

Are you a Disklavier owner? Did you know about the Piano Radio subscription service available for your piano?

With Piano Radio, you can access more than 30 channels of streaming piano music on your Disklavier piano. Imagine your favorite artists across multiple genres performing in your home! With moving keys and real acoustic sound, Piano Radio brings your instrument to life and creates the perfect atmosphere. Plus, your Piano Radio subscription includes access to Disklavier TV programs featuring video content that plays in sync to your Disklavier! (Available in the USA only).

Today’s installment covers the procedure for subscribing to Piano Radio.

Again, we'll start on the home page for Yamaha MusicSoft. From there, we’ll navigate to the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the page:

From the drop down in the Menu, we’ll select “Piano Radio”. This will redirect us to the Piano Radio subscription options page:

Once on the page above, we can select from three choices: 1) Free trial, 2) Monthly subscription or Annual Subscription. (Please note: The "Free Trial" option offers one channel with 30-second samples of each song selection and a Free channel of music classics). Once we’ve made our selection, we’ll be redirected to a product detail page for that subscription tier (below). In order to activate our subscription, we need to select our instrument. We’ll click on the red “Choose Instrument” button:

Then, follow the prompts on the Compatibility Checker to locate our Disklavier model:

Once our model is selected, we are returned to the detail page and a red “Subscribe” button appears:

From there, we click on this button and it redirects us to the Net Services page to complete the signup process. (For legal purposes, a dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm your legal age):

If you currently have an account setup on Yamaha MusicSoft, you can type in your user name and password in the “Returning Customers” box. If not, there is a separate box for “New Customers” to sign up. For illustration purposes, we'll sign in as a returning customer:

Once we're logged in, we can select our payment method, purchase the subscription and receive a receipt for the order. Follow these simple steps to complete your subscription purchase:

It's that simple!

That's it for today's installment. Please continue to check back each week for more tutorials, tricks and tips. And, keep those questions coming!

The Yamaha MusicSoft team