Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where to find expansion packs for my instrument

Today’s installment covers browsing expansion packs and selecting the compatible version for your Yamaha instrument. Whether you have a Yamaha Synth or Arranger Workstation (Tyros or PSR-S/A Series), we’ll show you how to find packs quickly on yamahamusicsoft.com.

Let’s start again from the home page. You can browse the available packs for each instrument in a number of different ways. One way is to navigate to the menu bar in the upper-left hand corner of the home page and select “Sound & Style Expansion Libraries”:

A second way is to select your instrument from the middle of the home page. I have a PSR-S770 Arranger Workstation so I’ll pick the “Tyros, Workstations & Keyboards” instrument category in this example and follow the steps the see the available expansion packs for my instrument:

Once I arrive at the “Voice & Style Expansion Packs” results page, I’ll select my instrument from the “Your Instrument” section to filter the Expansion Pack results to only show those compatible with my instrument. (Please refer to this previous blog post for instructions on how to select your instrument):

Now that I’m on the expansion pack results page for my instrument, I can select an individual pack and get additional details including product descriptions, audio/video demos and a description of what is included in each pack (called “Pack List”):

This particular pack (Indian 2) displays a number of .mp3 sound demos that I can preview and if I scroll down further on the page, I see a video demo:

Scrolling back up the page, I see that my selected instrument is displayed under the “Your Instrument” box and it is pre-selected as the recommended version. I’ll go ahead and purchase this pack to continue with today’s tutorial example:

This pack has now been added to my cart. From here, I continue with the checkout process and the pack will be automatically be transferred to my account:

Once in my account, I can download the pack to my computer and install the pack into my instrument.

That's it for this week! Please continue to check back frequently for new tutorial blog posts and video links.

- The Yamaha MusicSoft Team