Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Using filters to refine your search of the site

Welcome! Today’s post was written as a direct result of a recent visitor’s request. So, please keep the questions coming and we may feature your request in an upcoming video or post!

This post is all about using filters to refine your search of the site. We've included a companion video showing the process or you can continue reading the video transcript below:

In this example, we will search the “Custom Audio Backing Track” product on the yamahamusicsoft.com website and further refine our search by specifying “Country” music to see the available products for that genre.

We will start our initial search from the homepage. First, we’ll navigate to the “Menu” located in the upper-left hand corner of the homepage. We’ll open the menu bar, select “Songs” and then select “Custom Audio Backing Tracks” from the menu:

This will open a results page and show us all of the available songs in this product category. By default, the page will be pre-sorted to show the most recently added titles first. (You can change this view by selecting “Position”, “Name”, “Price” or “Most Recent” from the “Sort By” drop down menu.):

Now that we have the initial results page open, we can refine our search further by selecting additional refinement categories in the column on the left-hand side of the page. For example, I can further refine my search by selecting “Country” music in the “Genre” section and see all available titles in that genre:

Once the page refreshes, we see a revised search result and can confirm our newly selected choice under the “Currently Shopping By:” section. I can click on the “x” to reset the genre filter and search by a new genre type:

In addition, each results page throughout the site contains additional information about our results including the choice to view by cover art or list, re-sort the results as mentioned earlier and view, at a glance, how may results by the current “items per page” and the total number of items included in our refined search results.

This method of filtration and organization of search results is carried through to the rest of the site so navigation and organization is consistent throughout all product categories.

We hope you found this introduction to refining your search results on the site helpful. Please check back often as we continue to answer your questions.

Thanks for stopping by!

- The Yamaha MusicSoft team