Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to redeem promotions at

In this week’s installment, we take a look at how to redeem promotion codes on the new website.

We’ll assume you are logged into your account, are in the checkout phase of your purchase and are now ready to apply your promotion code. In this example, we’ll use the free song redemption when you sign up for the Yamaha MusicSoft newsletter (If you are not a current subscriber, click here to sign up and get your free song).

Once you’ve added your product to the cart and click on the cart link you will see the "Promo Code" section in the lower left-hand portion of the screen prior to final check out. You can add the code you received previously via email to this box, select “apply” and the promotion code will be applied to your purchase:

When successful, your cart total will be adjusted and you will see the discount amount applied.

(Tip: Remember you must be logged into your account and using a valid, unexpired promo code. Unless your promo specifies a number of products, make sure there is only one item in your cart.)

Complete the checkout process. (If you are redeeming a free product promotion, you will not be asked for any credit card information.)

After checkout, you will see an order confirmation page. Download the song by clicking the “Download” button. (Your song is also available for download in the “My Library” section of your account.)


If you get an error message that your coupon code is not valid, make sure you are logged into your account with only one item in your cart:

If you log in and the coupon code is still not valid, you may have already downloaded your free MIDI song. Check your order history by going to "Order History". From there, you can search for one of the free MIDI songs, or if you didn’t purchase anything else your order total will be $0.00:

When you click "View Order", you will be able to see the name of any promo code applied. If "Free MIDI Song" is listed next to “Discount” under the “Subtotal”, you've already used your free download:

It is also possible that your promo code has expired. The promo code expiration date is on the bottom in your email. If your promo code for your free song has expired, please contact customer service for a replacement promo code.

In addition, make sure you copy the promo code exactly as it appears (without any extra spaces).

Finally, the promotion may be "country specific" so if your redemption is not working, you may need to fill out your billing address in your account settings so the system recognizes the promotion code as valid.

If you have any additional questions or issues with promo redemption, please contact customer support here.

Stay tuned for the next topic in the series and keep those questions coming!

-       The Yamaha MusicSoft team