Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to purchase and listen to songs on my Clavinova

We continue our series of tutorials today by exploring the site further. Specifically, we will take a look at the Clavinova instrument category and discover the products made exclusively for the Clavinova, how to locate specific products, make a purchase and install a song into my instrument.

Let’s begin by navigating to the Clavinova home page on the website.

  1. Click on the “Clavinovas & Digital Pianos” instrument category under “Select Your Instrument" on the home page:

  2. Click on the “Clavinova CVP” instrument sub-category:

  3. You’ve now reached the Clavinova CVP home page. From here you can get an overview of this instrument along with unique Yamaha products made especially for Clavinova:

  4. In this example, I’ll select the “Follow Lights” product category to browse the available songs for my Clavinova:

  5. I’m taken to a results page that shows me all available products for Follow Lights:

  6. I’ll select the “Game of Thrones Theme” from the results page which will take me to a product detail page for that title:

  7. I would like to purchase this product so I select “Add to Cart”. However, I need to add my Clavinova instrument model FIRST to confirm that this title is compatible with my instrument. I navigate to “Select An Instrument” located below the “Add To Cart” button under the “Have a Yamaha?" box:

  8.  The “Instrument Compatibility” pop up guides me through the Clavinova instrument category where I can select my specific model. In this case, I’ll choose the “CVP-709”:

  9. Once I’ve selected my model, I’m returned to the product detail page with my instrument selected:

  10. I can now check out by adding this product to my shopping cart:

  11. Once in my cart, I can proceed to checkout. When my transaction is complete, the product will be in my account and ready for download to my computer:

  12. Once the file is on my computer, I can copy the product to a USB thumb drive and install the product into my Clavinova using the "USB To Device" port on my instrument:

BONUS: Once you know what products work on your Clavinova, check out this post for the best ways to quickly browse products on the site using our menu.

That’s it for this week’s installment. Please stay tuned for more site tutorials and keep the questions and feedback coming!

-       The Yamaha MusicSoft Team