Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tutorial: How to browse PianoSoft titles for your Disklavier piano using the NEW Yamaha MusicSoft website

In this continuing series, we'll explore different options for browsing and purchasing PianoSoft products for your Yamaha Disklavier piano. There are many ways to navigate the site and find products so we’ll start with two examples. Whether you have a Mark IV, E3, brand-new Disklavier ENSPIRE or other Disklavier model, we’ll show how to easily find what you’re looking for in a few steps.

First – Navigate back to www.yamahamusicsoft.com:

Yamaha MusicSoft website

Once on the home page, you can explore PianoSoft titles in several ways. The first option is to navigate to a conventional Menu bar located in the upper-left hand corner of the page. (It is expandable for use on desktop and mobile). Go to Menu/Songs/PianoSoft:

A second option allows you to browse by instrument category. Follow these easy steps!

Select the “Disklavier & Hybrid Pianos" instrument category under the “Select Your Instrument” section on the home page:

From here you are taken to a page that introduces you to the world of Disklavier including PianoSoft and Piano Radio:

Scroll down the page and navigate to “PianoSoft” under “Choose Your Experience”. Click on the “learn more” button and you will be taken to...

... the PianoSoft introduction page:

Scroll down the page to see an overview of the available PianoSoft products. From here, you can choose what type of PianoSoft product you'd like to browse. I'd like to look for available "PianoSoft Solo", so I'll click the "Shop Now" button under that category:

Now, this takes me to a “results” page for all available PianoSoft Solo titles:

I’ll click on “Born to Run” – Hits of Bruce Springsteen and it will bring me to a page showing a detailed description for that title. (I can also listen to an .mp3 audio preview of each song included in the collection once I’m on this page):

From there, I’ll select “Disklaviers with USB” from the available versions listed along the right-hand side of the page:

Once I select the appropriate version for my instrument, I can select the red “Add To Cart” button directly above the versions and check out following a typical online shopping experience.

We hope you found this brief tutorial helpful. Please keep the questions and feedback coming!

The Yamaha MusicSoft team