Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The best ways to choose your instrument for browsing the site

Check out these handy tools!

We continue our site-navigation series today by exploring how to choose your instrument for browsing the web site. Selecting your Yamaha instrument at the beginning of your browser session ensures that you see all compatible products site wide for your instrument.

For the video tutorial, please select the image below:

To follow the steps via this post, please continue down the page.

We'll start at the top of the home page and use the "Menu" function. The menu is located in the top left-hand corner of the home page and contains traditional site navigation categories.

Scrolling down the menu, we'll select "Refine For My Instrument":

In this example, we'll use the Yamaha Tyros 5 Arranger Workstation as our instrument so, I'll select the "Tyros, Workstation & Keyboards" category (1. Instrument) in the Compatibility Checker.

Then, I'll scroll down and select "Tyros Series" as my instrument Type (2. Type) and finally, "Tyros 5" as my Model (3. Model):

The Tyros 5 is now selected for my browsing session so I can continue to explore the site to see all of the products that are compatible with my instrument:

BONUS: Check out the video above for other instrument selection tips!

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- The Yamaha MusicSoft Team