Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to find products for your Yamaha instrument

In this week’s installment, we will look at several different ways to find compatible products for your Yamaha instrument using the newly-relaunched yamahamusicsoft.com.

We’ll use the home page of the site as our place to start:

From here, you can follow one of two paths and ultimately wind up in the same spot. (In today's example, I'll use the Yamaha Tyros 5 Arranger Workstation as my compatible instrument.) 

Either select the “Tyros, Workstation & Keyboards” path under “Select Your Instrument” (Option 1):

Or, navigate to the “Menu" (Option 2):

Let’s follow the “Menu ” path (Option 2). So from the menu, I’ll select “Explore By Instrument” then “Tyros, Workstations & Keyboards”:

You are redirected to the workstation landing page. Once there, select “Tyros” from the three instrument categories:

You’ve now reached the Tyros landing page that provides you with an overview of the three major product categories available for this instrument:

From here, I’d like to browse the current MIDI Songs so I’ll select the “Shop Now” button under “MIDI Songs”:

I now see a results page that displays all of the available MIDI Songs:

I’ll select a MIDI Song (in this case, “Tougher Than the Rest” by Bruce Springsteen) and it will take me to the product detail page for that song:

Now, although I have followed the “Tyros” path down the site, I have not yet selected Tyros as my compatible instrument. By default, the “General MIDI” version of the song is selected prior to me specifying further:

So, I need to select the Tyros 5 from the “Select An Instrument" (Have a Yamaha?) section immediately above the Version choices:

I am presented with the “Compatibility Checker” so I find “Tyros” and step through until I’ve selected my “Tyros 5”:

I’m now returned to the product detail page with the recommended version selected for me based on my instrument type. This version of the MIDI Song is optimized for my Tyros 5 and takes advantage of the voices and additional features available in my selected instrument:
From there, I simply “Add To Cart” and follow a traditional check-out system:

That's it for now. In "Part 2" of this topic, we’ll continue to explore other ways to find products including the "Help Me Choose" feature. In the interim, please keep the questions and feedback coming.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Yamaha MusicSoft Team