Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Find New MIDI Songs, Style Files and Expansion Packs in 3 clicks or less!

Our new YamahaMusicSoft.com website offers more ways to easily locate downloadable products, including a complete listing of product categories from our main menu. You'll find MIDI Songs, Style FilesExpansion Packs, and much more! Whether you have a Tyros, PSR-S, or other instruments compatible with these products, you’ll discover this menu is a quick way to see new products in 3 clicks or less!

You’ll find this menu in the upper left corner of every page on our website. Click on this menu to see our overview categories, which contain all of our product lines.

To find MIDI Songs, Style Files, and other Song-based products, select “Songs” to expand the sub-menu.

Or, if you’d like to check out the latest expansion packs, just click on “Sound & Expansion Libraries.” Tyros owners can find their Premium Packs & Voices, and PSR-S owners will find Voice & Style Expansion packs. You’ll also notice we’ve added our Style Files here, too, just in case you didn’t notice them in the Songs menu.

That’s our basic menu navigation. In future posts, we’ll go into more detail about our new site, and how to get the content you need quickly and easily.

Have a suggestion? We are always striving to improve our website, so let us know in the comments below!