Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The best ways to choose your instrument for browsing the site

Check out these handy tools!

We continue our site-navigation series today by exploring how to choose your instrument for browsing the web site. Selecting your Yamaha instrument at the beginning of your browser session ensures that you see all compatible products site wide for your instrument.

For the video tutorial, please select the image below:

To follow the steps via this post, please continue down the page.

We'll start at the top of the home page and use the "Menu" function. The menu is located in the top left-hand corner of the home page and contains traditional site navigation categories.

Scrolling down the menu, we'll select "Refine For My Instrument":

In this example, we'll use the Yamaha Tyros 5 Arranger Workstation as our instrument so, I'll select the "Tyros, Workstation & Keyboards" category (1. Instrument) in the Compatibility Checker.

Then, I'll scroll down and select "Tyros Series" as my instrument Type (2. Type) and finally, "Tyros 5" as my Model (3. Model):

The Tyros 5 is now selected for my browsing session so I can continue to explore the site to see all of the products that are compatible with my instrument:

BONUS: Check out the video above for other instrument selection tips!

Be sure to check back here often as we have more video tutorials and blog posts on the way.

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- The Yamaha MusicSoft Team

Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to choose the best MIDI Song or Style version for your instrument

In the last installment, we introduced you to one way to find compatible products for your Yamaha instrument. In today’s post, we show you how to refine your choice using the “Help Me Choose” option so you can select the best MIDI Song (or Style) for your instrument.

In the previous post, we learned how to navigate through the site to a specific MIDI Song and select the compatible version of that song for our Tyros 5 Arranger Workstation. For a refresher, please visit that post here.

For this post, we'll start at the product detail page for our example song:

Next, we’ll zoom into the “Version” section of the page and click on “Help Me Choose”
A pop up appears and shows us additional information about each version type. This information includes compatible instruments by name/model number as well as additional features included with that version. Scroll down to get a description of the optimized version for the Tyros 5 (XT5):

By selecting the “optimized” version for your instrument, you can be sure you’re receiving the version of the song that takes full advantage of the features and sound engine available in you instrument!

Close the pop up and you are returned to the product detail page for this song. From here, you can pick the Tyros 5 version by clicking on "Select An Instrument". Follow the Tyros path through the compatibility checker and the system will automatically select that version for you. From there, you can Add To Cart and check out through the shopping cart system:

We hope you are finding this series helpful in navigating the site. We're here to help you have the most enjoyable experience on your musical journey!

Please keep the questions coming.

- The Yamaha MusicSoft Team
 Find your favorite MIDI Songs here!
Find your favorite MIDI Songs by clicking the MIDI logo above!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to find products for your Yamaha instrument

In this week’s installment, we will look at several different ways to find compatible products for your Yamaha instrument using the newly-relaunched

We’ll use the home page of the site as our place to start:

From here, you can follow one of two paths and ultimately wind up in the same spot. (In today's example, I'll use the Yamaha Tyros 5 Arranger Workstation as my compatible instrument.) 

Either select the “Tyros, Workstation & Keyboards” path under “Select Your Instrument” (Option 1):

Or, navigate to the “Menu" (Option 2):

Let’s follow the “Menu ” path (Option 2). So from the menu, I’ll select “Explore By Instrument” then “Tyros, Workstations & Keyboards”:

You are redirected to the workstation landing page. Once there, select “Tyros” from the three instrument categories:

You’ve now reached the Tyros landing page that provides you with an overview of the three major product categories available for this instrument:

From here, I’d like to browse the current MIDI Songs so I’ll select the “Shop Now” button under “MIDI Songs”:

I now see a results page that displays all of the available MIDI Songs:

I’ll select a MIDI Song (in this case, “Tougher Than the Rest” by Bruce Springsteen) and it will take me to the product detail page for that song:

Now, although I have followed the “Tyros” path down the site, I have not yet selected Tyros as my compatible instrument. By default, the “General MIDI” version of the song is selected prior to me specifying further:

So, I need to select the Tyros 5 from the “Select An Instrument" (Have a Yamaha?) section immediately above the Version choices:

I am presented with the “Compatibility Checker” so I find “Tyros” and step through until I’ve selected my “Tyros 5”:

I’m now returned to the product detail page with the recommended version selected for me based on my instrument type. This version of the MIDI Song is optimized for my Tyros 5 and takes advantage of the voices and additional features available in my selected instrument:
From there, I simply “Add To Cart” and follow a traditional check-out system:

That's it for now. In "Part 2" of this topic, we’ll continue to explore other ways to find products including the "Help Me Choose" feature. In the interim, please keep the questions and feedback coming.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Yamaha MusicSoft Team

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tutorial: How to browse PianoSoft titles for your Disklavier piano using the NEW Yamaha MusicSoft website

In this continuing series, we'll explore different options for browsing and purchasing PianoSoft products for your Yamaha Disklavier piano. There are many ways to navigate the site and find products so we’ll start with two examples. Whether you have a Mark IV, E3, brand-new Disklavier ENSPIRE or other Disklavier model, we’ll show how to easily find what you’re looking for in a few steps.

First – Navigate back to

Yamaha MusicSoft website

Once on the home page, you can explore PianoSoft titles in several ways. The first option is to navigate to a conventional Menu bar located in the upper-left hand corner of the page. (It is expandable for use on desktop and mobile). Go to Menu/Songs/PianoSoft:

A second option allows you to browse by instrument category. Follow these easy steps!

Select the “Disklavier & Hybrid Pianos" instrument category under the “Select Your Instrument” section on the home page:

From here you are taken to a page that introduces you to the world of Disklavier including PianoSoft and Piano Radio:

Scroll down the page and navigate to “PianoSoft” under “Choose Your Experience”. Click on the “learn more” button and you will be taken to...

... the PianoSoft introduction page:

Scroll down the page to see an overview of the available PianoSoft products. From here, you can choose what type of PianoSoft product you'd like to browse. I'd like to look for available "PianoSoft Solo", so I'll click the "Shop Now" button under that category:

Now, this takes me to a “results” page for all available PianoSoft Solo titles:

I’ll click on “Born to Run” – Hits of Bruce Springsteen and it will bring me to a page showing a detailed description for that title. (I can also listen to an .mp3 audio preview of each song included in the collection once I’m on this page):

From there, I’ll select “Disklaviers with USB” from the available versions listed along the right-hand side of the page:

Once I select the appropriate version for my instrument, I can select the red “Add To Cart” button directly above the versions and check out following a typical online shopping experience.

We hope you found this brief tutorial helpful. Please keep the questions and feedback coming!

The Yamaha MusicSoft team

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tutorial: How To Purchase and Use Products from the New Yamaha MusicSoft

Ready to make music on your Yamaha keyboard? With Yamaha MusicSoft’s enormous catalog of customized, downloadable products you can expand your instrument and enjoy making music at a whole new level. If you’re new to our site, you may ask yourself “How exactly does this work?” In this post, you’ll learn step-by-step how to find and purchase products from our site and load them into your instrument.

Let’s start with finding a product. We’ve provided several ways to do this on our site so you have the flexibility to search in a way that best suits you.
The first question is: would you rather “Search,” “Browse,” or “Explore?”
The next question is: “What instrument do you play?”

Let’s start with the first question.


Using the search box is the quickest way to find a specific song by title or artist


If you’ve got a new Yamaha instrument and would like a guided tour on what’s available for your instrument, click on one of the instrument images on our home page and begin your journey. 


Find our latest MIDI Songs or other products in just a couple clicks! Either open the menu in the upper left corner of the screen, or….

…scroll down the home page to locate the section called “Browse”.  Then browse the latest releases right on our home page. You’ll find quick links to our newest and most popular products.


No matter which way you choose to navigate our site, it’s important that you select your instrument model. This way, we can recommend the best products, customized for your specific model. Even our MIDI songs are available in several different versions which take advantage of the best sounds and other features of your instrument.

Once we know your model, you’ll see “Recommended” next to the appropriate version. :

If you don’t see a recommended version, click on the “Help Me Choose” link above the prices. This pop-up screen will help you decide which product is best for your instrument.


Once you’ve located a desired product, add it to your cart…

Then check out using credit card or PayPal.  You will get a prompt to create a Yamaha MusicSoft account if you don’t have one already.

After checking out, you’ll see your product available for download on the Thank You page.

Don’t want to download it now? You can always retrieve it later on the “My Library” tab of the My Account page.

From here, just click “Download” and the file will download to your computer. Then you can copy the file to a USB thumb drive, and load it into your keyboard.

In future posts, we’ll go into more detail the process of navigating, downloading, and importing other files, such as Premium Packs, MIDI Songs, and Style Files to your instrument. But hopefully this article gives you a general overview of the process.  Get ready to begin expanding your musical possibilities with Yamaha MusicSoft!