Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Ways to Start Your Musical Journey at Yamaha MusicSoft


We've completely re-imagined the Yamaha MusicSoft website. This means creating entirely new ways for you to take the next step on your musical journey with Yamaha. With all new pathways to songs, lessons, sounds, tracks and more, you don't want to miss the new site and this opportunity to discover an entirely new musical adventure. Start Exploring

Start your journey by instrument

Whether you're new to Yamaha MusicSoft or a seasoned veteran of the site, we've made it easy to find your instrument and the best products to maximize your music-making. In the menu visit "Explore by Instrument" to learn about all of the products customized for you. On our search result pages you can "Select an Instrument" to view products that are compatible with your selection. This same service is offered on product pages so you can find the recommended version for your specific model. Find your instrument

Start your journey by song

Got an earworm you want to learn? Our new songs pairings make it easy to find all products related to your song, such as Style Files, MIDI Songs and Sheet Music. You can also search for any song, artist or instrument in our search box. Discover songs

Start your journey with Sound Expansion

Expand your instrument's library of Sounds, Voices and Styles with our Sound & Expansion Libraries. These packs give your instrument a sound makeover, giving you the Voices and Styles of completely different instruments.Change your sounds