Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yamaha Tyros5 Arranger Workstations Are the Perfect Songwriting Partner

As a musician you want to capture musical ideas as inspiration hits. But what happens when you’ve got a band or ensemble in your head and no way to capture the full scope of sounds? That’s where the Yamaha Tyros5 arranger workstation keyboard saves the day.

With the Tyros5 you have a range of backing bands at your fingertips with Style Files in a large variety of music genres. The wide spectrum of instrument Voices allows you to play leads or melodies at the same time.

Watch as Nashville-based Yamaha artist Howard Laravea takes a piece of music from concept to demo using the Tyros5, Style Files and Voices. In the recording studio the Tyros5 allows him to play back the demo for professional musicians so they can quickly and easily create a finished arrangement.

Learn more about Style Files here.