Thursday, January 28, 2016

Get Your Free MIDI Song from Yamaha MusicSoft

When you sign up to the Yamaha MusicSoft newsletter you get your choice of a free Premium MIDI Song. Yamaha Premium MIDI Songs are designed to function with the learning features of Yamaha MIDI-enabled keyboards. Learn more about Premium MIDI Songs from Yamaha in this blog post.

We’ve had a few enquiries about how to download this MIDI song, so just follow the steps below and you can start enjoying it on your keyboard.

Register for an account at Yamaha Make sure that you check the box outlined in red below that confirms that you would like to receive the Yamaha MusicSoft newsletter. In addition to the free MIDI song, you will also receive exclusive discounts, sale reminders, instrument updates, the latest product news and more.

After you complete registration, a pop up will appear with details on the free song download.

Keyboard users can choose between the following songs:

“Piano Man” by Billy Joel
“Africa” by TOTO
“A Sky Full Of Stars” by Coldplay
“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift
“Stay With Me” by Sam Smith

Disklaviers owners can choose between the following songs:

“Mood Indigo” by Duke Ellington/Irving Mills/Albany Bigard
“Fire And Rain” by James Taylor
“Sarabande” by Claude Debussy
“Don’t Know Why” by Jessie Harris/Norah Jones
“Summertime” by George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin

Customers on Yamaha MusicSoft Europe can choose between the following songs:
"La Cucaracha" by James Last
"Boat on a River" by Styx
"An der schönen blauen Donau" by Johann Strauss
"Pokerface" by Lady Gaga
"Hey Baby" by DJ Ötzi

Select the song of your choice and hit "Download". Once you choose your song it will automatically download to your computer. If you do not see the MIDI song check your downloads folder on your computer for recent downloads. The file name will be the song title, and the file format is MID but the MIDI file is XG format.

You can also login to your Yamaha MusicSoft account and navigate to the Redownload Items page as seen below. You can download the MIDI song a maximum of two times.

When you sign up for the newsletter you will also receive an email with the subject line “Yamaha MusicSoft Newsletter Subscription Confirmed - Claim Your Free Song!” from noreply - at - yamahamusicsoft - dot - com. This email contains a link to the free song download page. If you are not logged in you will need to login to your account before you can download the song.

If you’ve already registered for an account at, but did not subscribe to the newsletter or download your free song at the same time you can visit to redeem it. Again, if you are not logged in you will need to login to your account before you can download the song.

If you have already redeemed your free song you will receive a pop up like in the below screen shot.

Again check the Redownloaded Items page via "My Account" to see if you have any remaining downloads.

If you're looking for more ways to use MIDI files we’ve done several posts on this blog about MIDI songs including this MIDI video series, this post on how to record a MIDI song on your Clavinova and the post at the top of the blog that explains the difference between Style Files and MIDI Songs. You can also shop for Premium MIDI Songs on our website.

Now that you have your free MIDI song, download it into your keyboard via a USB device. Mix it up and have some fun. Don’t forget to share your musical creations with us on social media! Use #YamahaMusicSoft or tag us in your content. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Your Insider’s Look at the NAMM Show!

Join Yamaha MusicSoft on Social Media for your Ticket Inside NAMM! 

Here are Yamaha MusicSoft we are gearing up for the National Association of Music Merchants or The NAMM Show which starts today. This trade-only event features the hottest products in the music industry making it a dream show for many artists and musicians. Luckily for you, we’ve got your inside look at the show so you don’t need to worry about a ticket.

Yamaha MusicSoft will be broadcasting live from our Periscope account @yamahaonline. Follow us on Periscope or Twitter for updates on live broadcasts.

To make sure you don’t miss any of the latest news and exciting events follow Yamaha MusicSoft and Yamaha Corporation of America across our social media accounts. If you love Yamaha MusicSoft products we want to see and hear about it online, so tag us in your content!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Enhancing Yamaha PianoSoft for your Yamaha CVP700 series Clavinova

The new CVP700 series Clavinova features some amazing new piano sounds. Available now is the incredible sample of the Yamaha CFX 9’ concert grand, as well as the Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand. Yamaha MusicSoft has many amazing piano solo software titles available, called PianoSoft Solo, so let’s take a look at enhancing the experience of making those files sound even more amazing with your new piano sounds!

When loading a song from the Yamaha PianoSoft library into your Clavinova, the song will choose a piano sound from your Clavinova's library to play the song file back. Now that we have so many new piano sounds to choose from, it’s like having all new software and new performers to listen to. In addition to listening to these songs with traditional piano sounds, you might want to experiment with Piano Layer sounds, as well as Electric Piano sounds.

To listen to, and change the voices for your Yamaha Musicsoft song files:
  1. Load the song file you wish to edit.
  2. Press the Mixer icon.
  3. At the top of this screen, touch the Song Ch 1-8 tab.

Most PianoSoft titles have the piano part in channel 1. To change the Piano voice:

  1. Touch the instrument icon in the display for channel 1.  Your Clavinova will show you the voice that is currently assigned to that channel. 
  2. Select a different Piano voice from the Voice section on your Clavinova to replace the one currently there, and the results can be amazing.

Listening to a song file using different Piano sounds is fun, and a great way to explore the various sounds available on your CVP Clavinova. This can be done while the song file is playing.

Saving your new Piano settings

  1. Once you have made all of your adjustments in the Mixer, press “Stop” in the Song Control area. The file must be stopped, or the changes cannot take place, as you are changing the “Set Up” message at the beginning of the song file. 
  2. Touch the “Menu” icon, and go to page 2. Select “Song Creator”.

  3. Touch the display where you see the word “Set up”. Notice all the choices that can be saved to the start of your song file. 
  4. Be sure “Voice” is checked, and press “Execute”.
  5. After this is complete, touch “Close”.

  6. To save the song that now has the new changes, touch the download icon at the top of the “Song Creator” page, and select where you wish to save the file (User or USB). 

It is advisable to name your new song file with a different title, as it’s always a good idea to leave the original song file as it was, in case you want to make other changes at a different time.  

You can also save your song several different ways, for example with the CFX Grand Piano sample, or the Bosendorfer sample. This way you have several varieties for your listening pleasure. 

Enjoy your new found variations. Mix things up and have fun. Don't forget to tag us in your musical creations if you post them on social media! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Take a Technical Tour of the Disklavier’s Record and Playback Features

The Yamaha Disklavier piano features sophisticated record and playback features that set it above any retrofitted player piano systems. To understand these features, first let’s delve into some of the details about how a standard acoustic piano creates sounds.

A piano key functions as a lever. When you depress the key, you set the hammer in motion. At some point, the key no longer controls the hammer and flies toward the string freely. The volume of the note you hear is a function of the speed or velocity of the hammer at the moment it strikes the string.

Yamaha Disklavier Grand Pianos include sensors that measure the actual velocity of each hammer during a performance.

Retrofitted player systems record with simple key sensors that measure only the speed of the key movement. While it's true that key movement effects hammer speed, it isn't reliable enough for accurate measurement. This is because the relationship between the key and hammer constantly changes with temperature, humidity and normal wear of the piano's many moving parts. Therefore a truly professional recording system must measure actual hammer velocity.

The Disklavier captures even more expressive subtleties by measuring the speed with which the key is released or key release velocity. Key releases are part of the rich pallet of tonal colors that make piano music so unique. Pianists may choose a quick release for a crisp sound, or a slower release to dampen the strings gradually.

Although typical player systems do not record key release, standard Disklavier Grand Pianos achieve the greatest realism by recording and reproducing key release velocity. With their combination of key sensors and hammer sensors, standard Disklaviers today are so sensitive that they even record & reproduce key movements that do not result in audible sound.

Want to see all of this in action? Watch the video below and Pianist and Music Technologist George Litterest will take you on a technical tour of the Disklavier’s Record and Playback Features.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Year in Review - Highlights

 yamahamusicsoft.comWow! 2015 was quite a year here at Yamaha MusicSoft. Lots of changes and exciting new developments with more to come in 2016! Here are a few highlights from this past year:

1) MIDI Songs and Style Files – Hundreds of popular titles were added like hit songs from Adele, Taylor Swift and Sam Smith!

2) Custom Audio Backing Tracks – Our library continues to expand (an average of 50 per month) with more genre diversity including Pop, R&B, Rock and Country.

3) Printable Sheet Music – Hundreds of new titles added with more being added each week. New songs from Adele and Star Wars have been the most popular.

4) You Are The Artist – New single-song titles from this exciting play-along series. Check out hits from Taylor Swift and Sam Smith.

5) PianoSoft – Over 50 new Disklavier collections added from The Beatles to George Gershwin.

6) Piano Radio – A new record number of subscribers!

7) Premium Packs for Tyros – European folk music and a vintage Yamaha portable keyboard.

8) New Voice & Style Expansion Packs for the new PSR-S670/S770/S970 and A3000 – We released over 20 new packs in 2015!

9) New Synth Voice Libraries – From popular staples like American Grand piano to creative sound effects.

10) Playground Sessions – The exciting new piano learning system that teaches you how to play your favorite songs with interactive lessons. Here’s a New Years’ resolution you can keep!

11) Star Wars! – December closed out with exciting new and familiar titles from this much anticipated blockbuster.

We continue to develop and release new products all the time. Also, we want to hear your suggestions. What would you like to see from us in 2016? Please leave your comments below.

Finally, keep looking out for changes ahead to this website. 2016 is going to be a great year to create and share music!

Happy New Year from the Yamaha MusicSoft team!