Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Get Your Keyboard Ready for the Holidays!

It’s hard to believe December 1st is next week! This is a great opportunity for you to get your keyboard ready for parties, sing-alongs and personal enjoyment during the holidays. Yamaha MusicSoft has a great library of products to help you make music this time of year. Here’s some tips and product information to get you started.


Hidden amongst the large collection of drum sounds, Yamaha Keyboards include a realistic sleigh bell sound that’s perfect for this time of year! Every model of keyboard has a Voice called “Standard Drum Kit” (sometimes abbreviated “Std. Kit 1”). This one voice features a whole collection of different drum sounds mapped out across the keys on your keyboard. And if you’ve played around with this set of sounds, there’s a good chance you’ve never discovered the sleigh bells, because on most models it’s way up at the top of the keys. To find it, first select a “Standard Drum Kit” Voice from your instruments Voice list.

Then find the sleigh bells on one of the B keys towards the right end of your keyboard. For some models, it will be the highest B key. For others, it may be a couple octaves down. Now play a rhythmical pattern on that key, and you’ve got sleigh bells for your next holiday sing-along!


No matter what kind of keyboard you have, there’s no shortage of Christmas music in our catalog! As the song goes, if you “need a little Christmas now”, you’ll find a wide selection of printable holiday sheet music - and there’s still time to learn some new songs before the guests arrive!

If you’re looking for MIDI Songs to play in your keyboard, be sure and check out our extensive collection of Christmas MIDI Songs. These are interactive downloadable files that use the sounds in your keyboard to play the song! If you’ve never used a MIDI Song, check out this video that details this unique musical experience, and shows how Yamaha’s Premium Songs offer extra-special features – like Karaoke lyrics and exclusive instrument voices -  not found on other brands and generic MIDI files. You’ll be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” and hoping for a “Holly Jolly Christmas” with these classic and contemporary hits!

Clavinova owners won’t want to miss out on all of the extra products we have just for you! If you love Follow Lights, make sure you’ve got the complete collection of “Christmas Lights” Volume 1 and Volume 2. These one-finger, no-skill-required arrangements will be the hit of any party, and are a great way to get your guests on the piano bench and having fun. And our QuickPlay “Play By Christmas” is another great way to let your Clavinova teach you how to play the songs of the season. Check out this blog post on how to use QuickPlay on your CVP Clavinova.

Disklavier owners can also listen to PianoSoft Christmas titles including "The Best Selling Christmas Songs of All Time!" and "Traditional Christmas Sing-Along" or "Sacred Christmas Solos." These titles make perfect background music for a holiday party. Select keyboard models can also use PianoSoft albums to turn your keyboard into a piano jukebox.


Discover wonderful new Christmas Voices and Styles for your instrument with the “Church and Christmas Pack,” available for Tyros 5 and PSR-S Series. This voice and style library includes a large collection of new Voices, Styles, and Registrations, and will allow you to play everything from traditional church organ carols to modern gospel choir songs.


If you have a CVP Clavinova, a Tyros, or other Arranger Workstation, you can expand your instrument by adding more Style Files! And Yamaha MusicSoft has a large collection of Styles just for the holidays.

Enjoy the Holidays!
The Yamaha MusicSoft Team