Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Turn Your Disklavier into a Spooky Sound Effects Machine!

As we’ve mentioned previously, your Disklavier contains additional sounds (called “Voices”) that can be played from the keyboard. Those sounds include a set of fun sound effects such as a haunting laugh, a squeaking door, a lady screaming, a car screeching, and many more!

Just look for the “SFX Voice” listings in the voice list of your instrument. Here’s how to access them on the Disklavier E3 model, as well as those equipped with a DKC-850:

1. Using the remote, press the “Voice” button.

2. Look on the display screen of the Disklavier, and you’ll see the Voice screen, along with “Group” and “Voice” listings.
Using your remote, or the dial on the control box, scroll through the groups to number 18 “SFX Voice”.” Then move the cursor to the “Voice” section and scroll to a desired sound, such as #484 “Scream”.

3. Play the keyboard. Make sure to maximize the volume of your instrument, or you may have to hit the keys pretty hard to get a lot of volume. The best keys to play are around middle C (right below the Yamaha logo), where the pitch is close to the original recording.

Now have fun trying all the different voices! And here’s another trick. If you’d like to hear several sound effects at a time, mapped to different keys, dial backward in the Voice list to #448 “SKX Kit 1” or #449 “SFX Kit 2.” Now you’ll actually hear different sounds on several different keys.  With a little practice, you can tell a whole story by playing the keys in a particular order. For example: Car engine, Car speeding, Car stop, scary laugh, footsteps, door slam.

This Halloween, make your Disklavier your key to frightfully fun entertainment!