Friday, October 9, 2015

New Voice and Style Expansion Packs Available for New Arranger Workstations

Yamaha MusicSoft is proud to announce the addition of Voice and Style Expansion packs for the new Yamaha PSR-S 70 series of Arranger Workstations!  The best news is that you can load your own custom mix of voices and styles from different packs using Yamaha Expansion Manager.

Yamaha Expansion Manager (or YEM) allows you to select different voices and styles from the various packs in your library to create a custom “playlist” of favorite voices and styles. Once you select your choices in YEM, you can load that set into your new PSR-S arranger workstation.  Click here for the free download of Yamaha Expansion Manager.  YEM is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

There are two easy ways to expand your instrument:

Method One - Install One Whole Pack

When you download your expansion pack from, it will contain 3 files – A .ppi file, a .ppf file and a Read Me file with brief instructions. We will start with the “Direct Load” option using the .ppi file. This option will load the entire contents of an individual pack directly into your arranger workstation following these easy steps:

  1. Copy the Expansion Installation file (which is the .ppi file) into the root folder of your USB storage device. (Remember: Do not rename the files.)
  2. Connect your USB flash storage device to the USB TO DEVICE terminal on your keyboard, and then press the [FUNCTION] button to call up the display.
  3. Use the TAB [<] and [>] buttons and Cursor buttons to select [Pack Installation], and press [ENTER]
  4. Use the Cursor buttons to select the Expansion Pack you want to install. Press the [ENTER] button, and press [INSTALL].

Method Two - Mix and Match Voices and Styles

  1. Import the Expansion Pack Project files (the .ppf files) into Yamaha Expansion Manager. You want to make sure you are using YEM version 2.3 or later.  
  2. Pick your favorite contents from the Expansion Pack Project files, and create an original Pack Installation file (.ppi) by selecting “Save as Pack Install File”.
  3. Install the Pack Installation file into your instrument via USB

As a special bonus, download TWO FREE VSE packs right now to mix and match.
  Click the Voice and Style Expansion Pack tab on the next screen.

PSR-S670 Free Packs    PSR-S770 Free Packs    PSR-S970 Free Packs
The two free packs above are the Best of Europe and Mexico Pack 2. 

Are you looking for other VSE packs?  Click the image to the right for all available packs at Yamaha

Any questions? Contact us in the comments below. Start making great music!