Friday, October 2, 2015

How To Find The Yamaha Song Book

Many Yamaha keyboard owner’s manuals mention a free downloadable PDF songbook. This book is provided after registering your instrument on

If you are looking for that item, we put together a handy guide to download it.  

Yamaha Song Book
Step One: Click the book to the right or this link to visit  This is the only place on the web to find the Yamaha Song Book for your specific instrument.  

Step Two: Make sure that you are NOT at your own country’s website.  For example, do not go to or or  You can’t get the book from there.  The website address must begin with member dot Yamaha dot com.

Step Three: You should be at a screen similar to this

Click on “See My Products”, and yes, login is required.  If you have never registered your instrument here, click the “Register New Products” link.

Step Four: Enter your Product Categories and Model Names, along with your Product ID and your Serial Number. 

Step Five: Once that is entered, you will find a screen like this:

Congratulations!  Under Registered Product, look for the gray “Download” button for your instrument.  Your songbook will be located there.  
Download and save in a safe place on your computer. 

Bonus Step: Bookmark the website, or this blog post, in case you might need it again. 

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.