Tuesday, September 22, 2015

See why everyone is talking about Playground Sessions

Why choose Playground Sessions to learn piano online?

There are many different online piano learning options out there. You can choose one-on-one instructions, or group lessons like those offered Yamaha Music Schools, or online lessons. In a previous blog post we even talked about some different ways you can learn or practice piano with Yamaha MusicSoft products at your own pace. 

The bottom line is that learning piano should be as fun as playing piano. We’ve had several customers share testimonials about why they love Playground Sessions, so we wanted to share them with you. 

Playground Sessions brings an online piano lesson to life with instant feedback. You'll see what notes you've played wrong and what you need to work on to improve your music. This makes it easy to identify which parts of the song you need to practice and which ones you already know well. 
Really brings the lesson alive. Helps you feel the music. The instant feedback you get is fabulous. Identifies the missed notes and allows you to practice specific measures that are difficult. Best designed self-teaching method I’ve seen.  Chuck Carrick, 71 years old
Playground Sessions turns learning piano into the perfect escape, so learning piano isn't a chore. You'll learn fundamental piano skills like reading notes, and counting rhythms while you play. And with points, badges, leader boards and ways to track your progress, it will all feel like a game. 
 I have really enjoyed using the Playground lessons. I like the aspect of it being almost a video game. It takes me away from all other things in the “real” world and gives me some real fun peace! - Steve Reis, 57 years old
Playground Sessions gives you a dedicated, inspirational teacher who breaks down each song in easy to follow tutorials. Your personal teacher, David Sides, is not only available 24/7, he is an extremely talented pianist with over 176 million views on YouTube. Watch his covers of "Apologize" by One Republic, "Halo" by BeyoncĂ©, or "All Of Me" by John Legend if you ever need inspiration. 
I very much enjoy using Playground Sessions with the video tutorial. I am a very hands-on learner and ideally wanted a real life teacher but knew that financially and [with] time constraints that just wouldn’t work. Dave is a great teacher and really breaks the songs down and makes it easy to follow along.  Joshua Watts, 29 years old
Playground Sessions scores you on each song so you're inspired to practice until your song is perfect. With a library full of popular songs, it's easy to find favorites from BeyoncĂ©, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, The Beatles and more. Plus, all songs come with audio backing tracks, so you feel like a member of the band. 
I love being scored on each lesson, and seeing how well I’m doing. I like being able to play a song over and over until I get 100%.  Nyla, 62 years old

See for yourself what people are raving about, sign up for Playground Sessions today!