Thursday, August 27, 2015

More easy ways to learn to play the piano!

As we mentioned in our post earlier this week, it is easier than ever to learn to play an instrument. Whether it is an online interactive learning system like Playground Sessions or using an app on your tablet like NoteStar for the iPad, learning has never been easier, faster or more fun.

Yamaha has a long history of teaching students. The Yamaha Music Education System has been around for over 50 years teaching students from all walks of life how to play different instruments.
But, did you know that Yamaha MusicSoft also has several different teaching systems available?
Here are a few examples:

Keyboard Encounters/Keyboard Encounters Kids
Re-create the Keyboard Encounters classroom experience for both adults and kids in your own home! Our learning tool uses backing MIDI tracks that are compatible with Keyboard Encounters lessons, and are the same ones used in the Keyboard Encounters classroom. These are a great confidence builder for students!

Here are the benefits of using the MIDI backing tracks:
  • It recreates the classroom environment
  • It facilitates a helpful practice session which leads to a better live performance
  • Immersing yourself in the process makes learning more enjoyable
Check out the current songs for Keyboard Encounters here

QuickPlay QuickPlay was designed specifically for Yamaha Clavinova owners and can be used in a classroom environment or for a student to learn at home, at their own pace. Most Clavinova keyboards include lights that illuminate above each key to show you which key to play next and will wait for you so you can learn at your own speed. The companion books also teach you basic music theory to create a platform for further musical study. You can view the catalog of available songs here.

Playground Sessions A brand-new piano learning software that is fun for all ages. This system uses active learning, elements of gaming, and your favorite songs to make learning piano fun! (see the previous blog post for more details).

NoteStar Keyboard players – experience playing and singing your favorite songs with a real band. NoteStar is Yamaha’s digital sheet music application for the iPad that features hands-free, smooth-flowing, easy-to-read digital sheet music accompanied by realistic audio backing tracks with vocals. You can play along with the band (with or without vocals), explore “Lessons Collections", create custom mixes and more! Check out NoteStar here.

Follow Lights If you have a Yamaha keyboard with guide functions, this may be the easiest way to learn yet! Using the guide system built into the keyboard, you watch for the light to illuminate above the key and press that key! It will even show you the music notation for the song right on the display screen of your keyboard.

With this Follow Lights feature, you can learn at your own pace. And, the song will wait for you to select the next correct note before continuing to play.

While learning to play the melody, your keyboard will be playing a full backing track as accompaniment. Unlike traditional MIDI files, these special tracks are designed to compensate for your learning and will sound great at any tempo! Check out our Follow Lights catalog here.

As you can see, there are many different ways to learn! We encourage you to explore each one and find the best fit for you and your learning style.

Have questions? Please reach out to us through this blog.