Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Play along with Nashville session musicians!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform at the Grand Ole Opry? Well, now the next best thing is available – Custom Audio Backing Tracks from Yamaha MusicSoft.

Recorded in Nashville by professional session musicians, these backing tracks are sound-alike versions of popular songs that are inspiring to play along with. Whether you need a boost in your practice routine or you are looking for a reliable backup band for your solo-acoustic gig, these tracks are the perfect accompaniment.

Here’s how they work. You can create a custom mix for each song by muting, soloing or balancing the volume of the individual tracks. And, these are recorded audio of live performances, not MIDI tracks so they are self-contained as mp3 mixes that you can play on your portable mp3 player through your P.A. system or on your computer for practice sessions. You can solo individual parts to hone in on that difficult track or mute your part so you can play along.

Whether you are a singing a song at a friend’s wedding (karaoke-style) or learning to play the drums, Custom Audio Backing tracks are the perfect play-along/performance tool for your next practice session or gig. Check out all the available titles here. If you don't see your favorite title, suggest one in the comments for us to carry.