Friday, February 13, 2015

Favorite Love Songs

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so this week we wanted to share some of our favorite love songs. From romantic to poignant, there's a wealth of great music that focuses on the eternal subject of love. Read on to discover some of the best love songs ever written - according to the Yamaha MusicSoft staff. Then check out Printable Sheet Music and more from these artists at

Justin - Web Marketing Specialist
“Do You Believe In Love?” by Huey Lewis and The News
I've always loved Mr. Lewis’ love song because it’s about love at first sight, and the possibilities of what that could bring.

Maggie - Designer
"It's Not Over" by Daughtry 
This is a memorable song for me because my boyfriend was the one who introduced the artist to me at the beginning of our relationship.

Mike - Marketing Analyst
"Love's Theme" by Barry White
Great song, great groove, and when I’ve felt the love, this song always comes to mind.

Celeste - Marketing and Promotions Specialist
"Love Changes Everything" by Andrew Lloyd Webber
As a musical theater fan, I love great show tunes about love and romance. This song has such an uplifting chorus and the idea that love changes how we see the world is so true.