Thursday, January 29, 2015

Introducing Your Yamaha MusicSoft Social Team

Introducing The Faces Behind the Names

We want to introduce all our readers to the team of devoted music players and enthusiasts that make the Yamaha MusicSoft social media machine run. We often joke that we could put together an awesome Office Band and for this week's introduction post we made it a reality. Check out bios for the band members below!

Maggie L. - Designer
Maggie is one of the newest members of the Yamaha MusicSoft social squad. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays violin, flute, piano, and piccolo. She is the creative talent behind the images for our blog and social media posts. 

Allison D. - Director
Allison is the director of Yamaha MusicSoft team. She is an avid music lover and aspiring musician. She loves singing in the car and injecting her own brand of musical humor into our social media posts.  

Justin G. - Web Marketing Specialist
Justin keeps the gears moving in the Yamaha MusicSoft shop and selects our weekly Staff Picks featuring favorite products from the site. A long-time guitar player and vocalist, he sometimes performs with his band at local venues. 

Daniel P. - Office Administrator 
The man with a plan, Daniel keeps our office running smoothly and answers many of the questions we receive via social media. He loves playing trumpet and listening to music of all kinds. He is excited to work for a company where he can see the joy of music being shared around the world. 

Celeste W. - Marketing and Promotions Specialist
A long-time musician and former opera singer, Celeste received an undergraduate degree in music and a graduate degree in business before coming to Yamaha. She organizes our social media strategy, runs our twitter account, and schedules many of our posts. 

Mike H. - Marketing Analyst
Another new member to the team, Mike crunches all the numbers and does research for our social media pages. Mike loves learning and playing new riffs on his alto saxophone. 


Jason N. - Marketing Manager
A veteran keyboard performer and music enthusiast, Jason brings years of experience playing Yamaha instruments to the team. As our foremost expert on Yamaha keyboards, he helps us choose social content for keyboard players worldwide.