Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yamaha CVP Series: How to use the Guide and Score functions on your Clavinova

One of the best features of the CVP Series Clavinovas is the ability to learn any MIDI Song using the Guide and Score functions. 

Guide Function: When you have a song selected and press "Guide", the Clavinova will play the intro of the song, then wait for you to play the first note. The note will be highlighted by either a red or green light.

Score Function: You can display the musical notation of the MIDI song on the Clavinova screen. You'll see every note of the right hand part, so you'll be able to play the melody and follow the notes in no time!

When played together, these two functions provide a powerful learning tool, and instantaneous results! In the video below, listen to the beautiful orchestration of the "Let It Go" Follow Lights song, while the Clavinova waits for the next note!