Friday, January 18, 2013

Custom Audio Backing Tracks At Yamaha MusicSoft!

We've taken the audio experience a few steps further with our new Custom Audio Backing Tracks at Yamaha MusicSoft. Custom Audio Backing Tracks put the power of choice in your hands. Utilize Yamaha's new Custom Audio Mixer to mix and create MP3's of your favorite songs for a variety of practice or performance scenarios.

Each song gives you control over the volume of each instrument, making it ideal for solo performers, duos, or singers that need high quality audio tracks to back them up.

Learning to play the drums? Make a mix with the drums muted and play along!
Singing a song at a friend's wedding? Make a mix with the vocal muted, and sing along! You can even make mixes that isolate the instrument you want to play, and use it as the ultimate reference track.

Since the final mix is MP3, you can load your mixes onto your favorite MP3 player, MP3 compatible instrument, or Digital Audio Workstation.

Check out the demonstration video to see how it all works, or head to Yamaha MusicSoft to browse our catalog of Custom Audio Backing Tracks.

Enjoy the weekend!