Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Classic PianoSoft Albums Re-Released At Yamaha MusicSoft!

We're pleased to offer 5 previously unavailable, out-of-print PianoSoft collections at Yamaha MusicSoft. All 5 collections are now available in downloadable formats for Disklavier pianos, Clavinovas, and Keyboards. PianoSoft best-seller "A Teddy Wilson Encore" is back, as is Mike Garson's epic "Jazzical Suite". Rounding out the new releases are Shannon Grama's Nashville collection, Jim Hendrickson's "Live from Las Vegas", and the ever uplifting "Songs of the Spirit".

Listen to a sample from each collection below, or follow the links to Yamaha MusicSoft to preview the albums in their entirety.

Morning Has Broken from the PianoSoft Collection "Songs of the Spirit"

Friends in Low Places from the PianoSoft Collection "Nashville 37203"

Body and Soul from the PianoSoft Collection "A Teddy Wilson Encore"

My Funny Valentine from the PianoSoft Collection "Mike Garson- Jazzical Suite"

Memory from the PianoSoft Collection "Jim Hendrickson- Live From Las Vegas"

These PianoSoft Collections are available exclusively from Yamaha Musicsoft!