Saturday, August 17, 2013

Interview with PianoSoft Artist, Bryan Pezzone

We recently had a wonderful chat with Bryan Pezzone, performer on the PianoSoft album "Let the Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension". In addition to performing on countless Yamaha PianoSoft albums, Bryan is well known for his versatility and virtuosity as a recording and performing artist, improviser and composer. He performs with many major symphony orchestra associations, tours widely with the jazz group Free Flight, and is known in the Los Angeles area as a primary free-lance pianist for film and television soundtrack recording, contemporary music premieres, and chamber music.

You can hear Bryan's work on many cartoons and animated features released by Warner Brothers and Disney, hundreds of major motion pictures and most recently in the film, The Wolverine. We are incredibly appreciative of the time he took to share his thoughts with us.

It’s great to have you here at the Yamaha Headquarters. What are you working on today, something new? 

Yes, I’m working on a new project, Alfred Burt Christmas Carols. These are really wonderful pieces that not a lot of non-choral people know. Alfred Burt was a Pastor who was also in the military, he moved around the country and was stationed from place to place when he wrote these Christmas carols. To my ear, they’re a blend of traditional, sort of, European chant-like carols and traditional French carols like “Caroling, Caroling”. He takes this blend and throws in some other harmonies that are a little more jazzy and they are really beautiful. I’m just getting to know him and I’m really looking forward to playing this music. It’s good holiday music. 

The newest PianoSoft album that we’re releasing that features your playing is The 5th Dimension. Do you remember working on this project? 

Yes, indeed, I remember 5th Dimension! When I was a kid and watching TV, I remember The 5th Dimension coming on the Johnny Carson show when I was about 7, 8 or 9 years old. They became one of my favorite soul groups because they wore all of this funky, metallic stuff and “Age of Aquarius” was their biggest hit. I loved that song as a kid because it started off so spooky and it was about outer space and then here’s this soul band playing it will all this rhythm and blues to it. That really captivated me. I just loved those guys, so when this project came up I was excited to do it and basically recorded a lot of songs I didn’t know they did. That was a great project to do. 

When I do a project, especially if it’s a pop group, like a Queen or Elvis or 5th Dimension, I don’t do the Hollywood hit version. The Hollywood hit version is the background pianist that just sits there with the chart and plays every single song in the world the same way. What I do is really listen deeply to the band -- what their drummer is doing, what their bass player is doing, what their orchestrations are and what their voices are, and then I go, “Oh! There’s a reason why this band sounds exactly like this band.” *laughs* Then I try to capture that in the piano playing and add pianistic things to it. Projects like these give me an opportunity to really learn about the band and learn about what makes a pop or rock act that’s well known ... unique. What really makes it special from just being your generic wedding band.

How do you do it? How do you take a band and vocals and reduce it down to piano for two hands? Are you thinking inner voices in the middle, are you always thinking melody on top or do you move things around?

I think the hierarchy starts from the vocal elements no matter what the music is. The Billy Joel projects, Freddy Mercury projects, the Elvis and Elton projects and in the 5th Dimension project, the main quality of what makes their sound is their voice. It could be a single voice, or it could be harmony. So, first of all -- however I can capture that, vibe-wise, on the piano, I do. For example, Johnny Cash, if the voice is swooping and swooning, I’ll stick it in a register and I’ll use different slips and slides to basically get that tone. 

The second thing I listen to with a group is, I can only call it “groove”, I listen to what makes their groove their groove. It usually has to do with the following: what is bass player doing and how much is the bass player playing? It also has to do with the internal rhythm, is it filled up with a lot of stuff in a certain way or is it basic. Then there’s how the band is orchestrated, is it raw or are there added strings? 

Do you write this stuff down?

Well, I do a scratch copy of the tunes and I’ll write it down in hieroglyphics and listen to the song over and over and over again to ingest the sound of the piece. I’ll play it at home and then I’ll usually come in here to the Yamaha studio and remind myself to put on the metronome. You’ll always play faster than what tune goes. One of the challenges is, especially with the 5th Dimension project, is those tunes are set in quarter note = 72 and quarter note = 80 and you sit down and instantly play them three times as fast! I had to re-do a number of them to make it work at the right tempo. *chuckles*

Is it true that you do alternate versions? When you do a take, do you play it differently the next time? 

I do! I’ll basically play a number of different takes until I find the basic ballpark of which one is going to work the best for the triangulation of the idea. Here’s the band, here’s me, here’s the Disklavier parameters. Once I find the best version to polish up, I’ll do different takes to find the kind of sweet spot and then go from there.

Maybe someday we can release the alternate recordings of Bryan Pezzone projects.

Yes! You should see what those are filled in with -- cartoon music, slips and slides, jokes. *laughs*

So, outside of Yamaha, what other fun projects have you been working on lately? 

Well, I just played Rhapsody in Blue the other weekend with the California Philharmonic. That was fantastic! Let’s see ... lots of movies stuff. I worked on Spiderman and Big Miracle last year. The last big movie was with Marco Beltrami, The Wolverine. 

I’ve probably played on more than a few hundred movies and a lot of TV shows. The projects I’m most proud of are Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, I loved playing on those. It was great! Richard Stone, he was the composer, was a master. He studied Carl Stalling scores and he had it down to an art-form. He knew what Carl Stalling did and when. If such and such blinked, he used a xylophone, and when something else happened he used a bassoon. Rich imported all those nuances that are in the era of cartoon watching. For these shows, I was playing with the greatest musicians in the world! Ralph Humphrey (Zappas original drummer and the drummer for Dancing with the Stars) and I, in between takes, were running a chess board and had this long-term 10-year chess match going on. Richard Stone was so cool, he’d say, “Ok, guys, time to stop playing chess,” turn on the red light and boom, we’d lay it down and it was a gas. The way that Rich Stone just let us play and play around was phenomenal. The energy and fun all became part of the music. These were special days, very special days. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

New Styles: Slow Jazz Ballad, Kids Songs 2, Ho Hey Folk, Gangnam Dance and More

We've added several new Styles to our catalog at Yamaha MusicSoft!

Slow Jazz Ballad is complete with three intros and endings and four style variations. Use this Premium Style to play your favorite slow jazz tunes from "At Last" to "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most", and beyond.

Kids Songs 2 a perfect way to get children interested in music. Play classics such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Old Gray Mare", then speed up the tempo to play songs like "London Bridge" and "This Old Man". The bouncy beat will even work for show tunes, including "If I Only Had a Brain" and "Singin' in the Rain".

Additionally, we have a great collection of Yamaha Styles. From Ho Hey Folk to Gangnam Dance and Sunshine Reggae to Marching Pop, there's something for everyone in the catalog.

Watch videos and listen to sample songs from each style at

Interested in hearing the story behind our Styles? Keep reading for an exclusive interview with a Yamaha Style Programmer featuring tips for getting the most out of styles on your instrument, details on what makes Yamaha's files the highest quality files around, and what exactly goes into the style production process.

Styles can serve almost any musical purpose - they can provide hours fun playing around with different musical ideas, they can help you learn about chords and harmonies, or they can provide a totally customizable accompaniment for a performance. They're so simple to use and flexible that they can seem almost magical, allowing you to control every aspect of full band sound with only your left hand. We here at Yamaha MusicSoft were curious about what exactly goes into making that magic, and figured that anyone else who uses style files on a regular basis would feel the same way.

So, to shed light on the finer points of Yamaha's style files, we turned to one of the lead style producers from Yamaha's research and development division in England. As a member of a small team of the programmers responsible for all of Yamaha styles, he has worked on every Premium Style as well as the styles that come pre-loaded on Yamaha's keyboards. In our brief interview he let us in on some information that should come in handy to anyone using styles, and will hopefully give you some new insight that you can put to use in your keyboard performances.

Q. What, exactly, is a style file?

A. A Style File contains music (MIDI) and system parameters that are played by
the Style Engine. All Yamaha keyboards featuring Styles have a Style Engine
built in their software. It smoothly and seamlessly recognizes and follows
chord progressions played on the keyboard, then instantaneously plays the
selected Style File to sound the correct chord and instruments to provide an
interactive accompaniment.

Q. What goes into making a style file? What's the basic process, and where do you come in?

A. After deciding what to make, the actual 'making' process is quite

First up is writing the music. Our creative programmers compose the Style
introductions and endings, the main sections, fill-ins and rhythm breaks,
ensuring they will work within the style system parameters, whilst also
capturing the essence of the required musical image.

After creating the musical aspects, the style is then technically checked.
This is a detailed process which includes playing each style section in
every key, using all recognized chord types.

The final stage of 'making' is mixing. Yamaha's studio technicians set
volumes, DSP effects, EQ and many detailed audio parameters, carefully
engineering the final sound field of each style.

Yamaha has a huge range of products, many of which have completely different
sounds. Another creative job is cross-grading Styles so that they get the
best out of each instrument in the range. This ensures customers experience
the best possible quality from their instruments Styles.

My role includes overseeing the creative processes but changes depending on
whether the style itself is destined to be in a product or sold via the
internet as a Premium Style. It's probably a good time to mention that all
Yamaha Premium Styles go through exactly the same 'making' process as the
styles built in the products themselves, ensuring they are of the highest

Q. How is producing a style different from producing a MIDI song file?

A.A MIDI song file is linear and plays a specific song. A Style reacts in
realtime to chords you play on the keyboard, producing an accompaniment or
'backing band' for the music you are playing.

From a producing point of view, you would either be making an arrangement of
a song or a sound alike, in both cases no original composition is required.
When making a song you don't take care that it sounds good when transposed
into different keys, whereas this is hugely important when making a style.

As a user, for MIDI songs you can turn tracks on and off, adjust the tempo
and transpose keys, but you don't have any real control over the song, it
just plays... With styles you are in control of what the band actually
play, leaving you free to sporadically repeat a chorus or create a new

Q. Yamaha puts a lot care into making sure that their instruments are top quality, and that same care goes into style file creation. But what does that mean in the final product? How does Yamaha's famous quality come across in a style file?

A.The care and attention to detail of Yamaha's content creating staff is
nothing other than obsessive, the team always goes that extra step to push
the bar ever higher. In the final product this passion becomes clear. Of
course you have the overall sound which has been carefully crafted, but each
individual part of every style has been produced so it plays and sounds like
a real instrument. If you solo parts of the Style like drums, bass, guitars
etc., you can hear the detail that goes into realizing each of these parts.
Put the parts together and you have a Style that really sounds and plays
like a band or orchestra.

The content team uses the best possible musicians and technicians to
compose, arrange, check, mix and finalize each style to make sure it sounds
and plays great in our products.

Q. What are some of the coolest uses for styles that you've seen?

A.I think experimenting by turning different parts of a style (RHY, BASS,
CHRD1 etc.) on and off, you can really create some nice results. If you
think of the parts of a style as your band members, you are effectively
changing your line-up.

The vast range of musical genres covered by Yamaha's Styles makes it easy to
experiment playing with different grooves and sounds, discovering new ways
to express your music.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Spring Sale! Save 20% on Everything at Yamaha MusicSoft

Spring has sprung at Yamaha MusicSoft. Brighten up your Clavinova, portable keyboard, Disklavier or other MIDI keyboard with this special Spring Sale! From now until Wednesday, May 1st, save 20% on everything* sold at Yamaha MusicSoft. Check out the latest Yamaha Premium Styles, MIDI Song downloads, PianoSoft, Custom Audio Backing Tracks, sheet music and more!

Enjoy the sale!


*Offer excludes Premium Packs & Voices and Voice & Style Expansion Packs. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions. Sale expires May 1st at 12AM PDT.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Beatles, Coldplay, The Lumineers & More New in NoteStar

We are excited to release another 30 songs in the NoteStar store this week. This time around we have a great mix of tunes in the Solo Piano Series, Full Band Series and Full Band With Vocals Series.

Grab your iPad and head to the NoteStar store to preview and purchase new additions from The Beatles, Coldplay and The Lumineers, as well as essential works from Mozart, Handel and Bach!



Friday, April 12, 2013

New MIDI Songs from Bruno Mars, The Rolling Stones and More!

Excited to play classic songs on your keyboard, but find that your left hand doesn't quite know what your right hand is up to? Still challenged now and then with mastering the necessary coordination to make it all come together? We've added several new MIDI Songs to our catalog at that utilize a special file format designed to allow for independent practice of each hand separately! Additionally, these MIDI songs offer tempo control which allows you to practice at your own pace.

This exciting release is sure to have something for everyone. You'll find new additions from legends like The Rolling Stones and Three Dog Night to classics from Duran Duran and Ringo Starr as well as hits from pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Bruno Mars.

In addition to the special selections noted above, we invite you to browse our catalog of several NEW MIDI Songs that feature these unique elements.

The new songs are on the first page of our catalog, or you can check out the links below:

The Lazy Song
Bruno Mars

Gimme Shelter
The Rolling Stones

You've Really Got a Hold on Me
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Easy to Be Hard
Three Dog Night

Closing Time

Christina Aguilera

Hungry Like the Wolf
Duran Duran

Heart Like Mine
Miranda Lambert

It Don't Come Easy
Ringo Starr

She Believes in Me
Kenny Rogers

Yamaha Midi Songs are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

Enjoy the weekend!


Friday, March 29, 2013

New Premium Styles: 70s MOR Pop & 70s 12/8 Jazz Ballad!

We're excited to take a trip back to the 70s with this month's additions to the Premium Styles catalog! With an upbeat horn section and a middle of the road groove that would make Tony Orlando and Dawn proud, this 70s MOR Pop Style is sure to get you on your feet. Our 70s 12/8 Jazz Ballad Style is sultry and smooth with grinding organ and sizzling backbeats. This one brings it all together.

Check out the demonstration videos below, or head to Yamaha MusicSoft to browse the entire catalog!

70s MOR Pop
Inspired by "Knock Three Times" by Tony Orlando and Dawn

70s 12/8 Jazz Ballad

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively at Yamaha MusicSoft.


Friday, March 22, 2013

New MIDI Songs from Psy, Adele, The Temptations and Many More

We've added several new MIDI Songs to our catalog at! This exciting release is sure to have something for everyone. You'll find new additions from pop stars like Psy and Adele to classics from Hank Williams and The Temptations, and hits from punk rock stars like The Ramones.

If you haven't used MIDI Songs with your Yamaha instrument, check out our MIDI Workshop Video Series for some helpful tips to get you started.

The new songs are on the first page of our catalog, or you can check out the links below:

Gangnam Style

Main Title from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage

Looking Through Your Eyes
LeAnn Rimes

Rolling in the Deep

On and On and On

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Hank Williams

Save Tonight
Eagle-Eye Cherry

My Girl
The Temptations

Blitzkrieg Bop
The Ramones

The Loco-Motion
Little Eva

Yamaha Midi Songs are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

Enjoy the weekend!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Van Morrison, Rihanna, Chopin, & More New In NoteStar!

The NoteStar team is proud to release another 20 songs in the store this week. This time around we have a wonderful mix of classical compositions in the Solo Piano Series, and great pop songs in the Full Band, and Full Band With Vocals Series. Head to the NoteStar store on your iPad and tap the New Songs banner to preview or purchase new additions from Andrew Lloyd Weber, Rihanna, and Van Morrison, as well as essential works from Chopin, Bach, and Beethoven!

As always, preview videos for all the new songs can be found at the NoteStar YouTube Channel.



Thursday, February 28, 2013

I-rish You a Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's that time of year again. It's almost St. Patrick's Day and if you are lucky enough to have access to Yamaha's Piano Radio, chances are, you'll want to check out our newest St. Patrick's Celebration channel.

After perusing our catalog of Irish tunes, we put together a very special radio channel filled with our favorite Irish Reel, Hornpipe, Jigs, Lullabies and good old fashioned Irish Love Songs to help you celebrate throughout the month of March.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the songs you can expect to hear on this channel:

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Danny Boy

My Wild Irish Rose

And last, but not least … we'll leave you with an Irish Blessing:

Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be always with you.

What are some of your favorite songs to play in celebration of St. Patrick's Day?


Friday, February 22, 2013

New Premium Styles: 60's Guitar Pop Shuffle & 60's Rockabilly!

Fans of 60's Pop music will be thrilled with this month's addition to the Premium Style catalog. With a nod to toe-tapping Rockabilly and a sweet 60's shuffle, these Styles should easily find a home in any repertoire. Like all Yamaha Premium Styles, these were carefully programmed by the same team responsible for the on-board Styles that are found in Yamaha's best keyboards and Clavinovas.

Check out the demonstration videos below, or head to Yamaha MusicSoft to browse the entire catalog!

60's Guitar Pop Shuffle

60's Rockabilly

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively at Yamaha MusicSoft.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Yamaha's Classical Collection At Yamaha MusicSoft!

In the tradition of Yamaha's popular Jazz Pack series comes something new for beginners and Classical fans alike. We're pleased to announce the release of 8 new Classical Collection packs at Yamaha MusicSoft. Like the Jazz Collection, each pack is focused on either beginner or advanced skill levels and contains a variety of essential works from renowned composers. All of the songs in the Classical Collection work with the score feature of Yamaha instruments, showing accurate transcriptions of the left and right hand piano parts! Tempo control makes it easy to slow down any piece for practice, aiding new musicians in the struggle to build confidence while building fundamental techniques.

Check out the demonstration videos below, or head over to Yamaha MusicSoft to hear MP3 samples of each pack!

Classical Collection Demo 1

Classical Collection Demo 2

Yamaha's Classical Collection Packs are available exclusively at Yamaha MusicSoft


Ray Charles, Blondie, ABBA, & More New Songs In NoteStar!

Another batch of 20 new songs has been added to the ever-expanding NoteStar catalog! In addition to smash hits from big artists like Ray Charles, James Blunt, Amy Winehouse, and more; we've added new titles to the classical catalog featuring notable works from Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Bach, and Mozart.  Open NoteStar on your iPad and tap the New Songs banner in the store to browse all of the recent additions, or visit the NoteStar YouTube page to preview the new titles.



Friday, February 8, 2013

7 PianoSoft Collections Re-Released!

This week we have 7 fantastic PianoSoft collections, freshly revamped and available for download. Rock fans will be pleased to see The Best of Billy Joel, a collection of the Doors' greatest hits, and a new Country offering from George Strait. If Pop music is more your speed, check out Hits of Bette Midler, or the wonderful Women of Pop collection. Last but not least, you'll find Jazz Around the World, and The Best of Marvin Hamlisch rounding out the new PianoSoft releases with some standard fare.

PianoSoft provides outstanding note-for-note reproductions of exclusive piano performances for owners of Yamaha Disklaviers, Clavinovas, and Keyboards. It's like having a professional pianist in your home, playing the music you love whenever you want to hear it.

Listen to some of our favorite songs from this week's new PianoSoft collections, or head to Yamaha MusicSoft to browse the entire catalog!

People Are Strange from the PianoSoft collection: "Light My Fire"- The Doors
Spain from the PianoSoft collection: Jazz Around The World
Right Or Wrong from the PianoSoft collection: "I Cross My Heart"- Hits of George Strait

From A Distance from the PianoSoft collection: "Wind Beneath My Wings"- Hits of Bette Midler
Nobody Does It Better from the PianoSoft collection: "The Way We Were"- The Best of Marvin Hamlisch
Piano Man from the PianoSoft collection: The Best of Billy Joel
Open Your Heart from the PianoSoft collection: Women of Pop

These PianoSoft collections and many more are available exclusively at Yamaha MusicSoft.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Love Notes on Yamaha's Piano Radio

We're committed to providing the best seasonal and holiday channels on Yamaha's Piano Radio, offering fresh music for our valued subscribers. Every year in early February, we warm our hearts and yours with the Valentine Love Notes channel! Owners of Yamaha Disklavier Pianos, Clavinovas, and Keyboards have access to the exclusive pleasure of listening to beautiful piano arrangements of romantic standards, ballads, and showtunes; all of which have been passionately and professionally recorded for note-for-note reproduction on Yamaha's best keyboard instruments. Like all Piano Radio channels, Valentine Love Notes is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you haven't used Piano Radio before, it's easy to get connected. Check our our Connection Guide for step-by-step instructions and helpful videos. Have a look at our Channel Guide to glimpse all that Piano Radio has to offer.

Here's a sample of the many songs you will hear on the Valentine Love Notes channel:

Let's Stay Together- From Tom Zink's "My Valentine" PianoSoft collection.

My Cherie Amour- From John Andrew Schreiner's "Memories" PianoSoft Collection.


Train, Wings, John Denver, and More In The NoteStar Catalog!

This week we've added 20 new songs to the NoteStar store, featuring big hits from Ke$sha, Train, Bruno Mars Wings, John Denver, and so many more. For those that don't know, NoteStar offers 3 different play-along experiences that give you the power to sing and play with your favorite songs, as if you were actually in the band!

Visit the NoteStar YouTube page to preview all of the new titles, or open NoteStar on your iPad and tap the "New Songs" banner in the store to check out the new songs!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UK Hip Hop & Euro Dance 2010 In New Premium Styles!

This week we've got two new Premium Styles that are sure to get your heart rate up. Euro Dance 2010 is reminiscent of Rhianna's "Only Girl(In The World)", serving up fist-pumping beats, heavy synths, and deep bass grooves. UK Hip Hop is a nod at Jessie J's "Price Tag", with a mid tempo old school hip hop vibe that features an almost Whiter Shade of Pale organ sound, crisp guitars, and top notch string and vocal patches.

Though most Premium Styles are inspired by a specific song, they can be used to play hundreds of songs. You can even use them to work on a composition of your own!

Check out the demonstration videos below or visit Yamaha MusicSoft to check out the entire catalog.

UK Hip Hop

Euro Dance 2010

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft.


5 Classic PianoSoft Albums Re-Released At Yamaha MusicSoft!

We're pleased to offer 5 previously unavailable, out-of-print PianoSoft collections at Yamaha MusicSoft. All 5 collections are now available in downloadable formats for Disklavier pianos, Clavinovas, and Keyboards. PianoSoft best-seller "A Teddy Wilson Encore" is back, as is Mike Garson's epic "Jazzical Suite". Rounding out the new releases are Shannon Grama's Nashville collection, Jim Hendrickson's "Live from Las Vegas", and the ever uplifting "Songs of the Spirit".

Listen to a sample from each collection below, or follow the links to Yamaha MusicSoft to preview the albums in their entirety.

Morning Has Broken from the PianoSoft Collection "Songs of the Spirit"

Friends in Low Places from the PianoSoft Collection "Nashville 37203"

Body and Soul from the PianoSoft Collection "A Teddy Wilson Encore"

My Funny Valentine from the PianoSoft Collection "Mike Garson- Jazzical Suite"

Memory from the PianoSoft Collection "Jim Hendrickson- Live From Las Vegas"

These PianoSoft Collections are available exclusively from Yamaha Musicsoft!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Custom Audio Backing Tracks At Yamaha MusicSoft!

We've taken the audio experience a few steps further with our new Custom Audio Backing Tracks at Yamaha MusicSoft. Custom Audio Backing Tracks put the power of choice in your hands. Utilize Yamaha's new Custom Audio Mixer to mix and create MP3's of your favorite songs for a variety of practice or performance scenarios.

Each song gives you control over the volume of each instrument, making it ideal for solo performers, duos, or singers that need high quality audio tracks to back them up.

Learning to play the drums? Make a mix with the drums muted and play along!
Singing a song at a friend's wedding? Make a mix with the vocal muted, and sing along! You can even make mixes that isolate the instrument you want to play, and use it as the ultimate reference track.

Since the final mix is MP3, you can load your mixes onto your favorite MP3 player, MP3 compatible instrument, or Digital Audio Workstation.

Check out the demonstration video to see how it all works, or head to Yamaha MusicSoft to browse our catalog of Custom Audio Backing Tracks.

Enjoy the weekend!


Friday, January 11, 2013

New Premium Styles: Kid Songs 1 & 70's Folk Rock!

The first batch of Premium Styles in 2013 offer a mellow alternative to all the Pop, Rock, and Dance styles from the end of last year. We're pleased to release the new Kid Songs 1 Style, which is perfect for all the classic nursery rhymes that Mom used to sing us to sleep, not to mention a great way to get children interested in music. 70's Folk Rock has you covered from John Denver to the Carpenters, and beyond.

Check out the demonstration videos below, or head to Yamaha MusicSoft to browse the whole catalog of Yamaha Premium Styles.

Kid Songs 1

70's Folk Rock

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Les Miserables on Yamaha's Piano Radio

Les Miserables is the number 4 movie in America right now, and having seen it over the holiday break, I simply can't get enough. One of the best things about the film adaptation of the classic musical (based on Victor Hugo's historical novel), is the intimate "point-of-view" cinematography that draws the viewer into the story, as well as the live performance of all songs in the film.

Now you can bring that intimacy into your home with the Les Miserables channel on Yamaha's Piano Radio!

Enjoy classic songs from Les Miserables 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you've never used Piano Radio before, it's easy to get connected. Check out our comprehensive Connection Guide, and have a look at all the great channels available now!

Here are a few samples of what you can expect to hear on the new Les Miserables channel:

I Dreamed A Dream

On My Own

Master of the House

Enjoy the new channel, and go see the movie! ~Drew