Friday, September 28, 2012

New Piano Radio Channel: Auf Deutschland!

A while back we asked our Piano Radio subscribers about the kind of channels they'd like to see in the coming months. The feedback we received was excellent, and we're proud to release a channel devoted to the most brilliant German composers of all time: The new Auf Deutschland channel, only on Yamaha's Piano Radio. Look for compositions from all the greats, including Schumann, Brahms, Bach, Mendelssohn, and so much more!

Check out some samples of the beautiful piano arrangements that are included in this exciting new channel:

From the PianoSoft collection The Virtuoso Bach

Brahms Four Piano Pieces Op. 119-1, B minor
From the PianoSoft collection Romantic Revolutionaries

Andante in D Major
From the PianoSoft collection Newport Music Festival 2008: Mozart & Mendelssohn

If you haven't used Piano Radio before, it's easy to get connected! Check out our comprehensive connection guide for step by step instructions, and listen to gorgeous piano music at home today!



  1. I wish I had seen your earlier request for feedback... Just as you have channels dedicated to Chopin and Mozart, you really need (at a minimum) channels dedicated to Beethoven and Bach... Really Brahms too... There is so much great, profound music out there - the current channel lineup doesn't reflect this nearly as much as it should - at least to my ears...

  2. Whoa! This is amazing. I always wanted to hear great classical music especially when it is played using a piano. One of my favorite piece is Canon by Johann Pachelbel.