Friday, September 28, 2012

New Piano Radio Channel: Auf Deutschland!

A while back we asked our Piano Radio subscribers about the kind of channels they'd like to see in the coming months. The feedback we received was excellent, and we're proud to release a channel devoted to the most brilliant German composers of all time: The new Auf Deutschland channel, only on Yamaha's Piano Radio. Look for compositions from all the greats, including Schumann, Brahms, Bach, Mendelssohn, and so much more!

Check out some samples of the beautiful piano arrangements that are included in this exciting new channel:

From the PianoSoft collection The Virtuoso Bach

Brahms Four Piano Pieces Op. 119-1, B minor
From the PianoSoft collection Romantic Revolutionaries

Andante in D Major
From the PianoSoft collection Newport Music Festival 2008: Mozart & Mendelssohn

If you haven't used Piano Radio before, it's easy to get connected! Check out our comprehensive connection guide for step by step instructions, and listen to gorgeous piano music at home today!


Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Usher, and More New Songs in NoteStar!

We've added 10 new songs to the Full Band With Vocals Series in NoteStar today! The songs in this series feature a professional audio backing track and separate keyboard reference and lead vocal audio tracks. Each of the aforementioned tracks can be independently muted for practice or to provide a unique in-the-band performance experience, with or without vocals. Play and Sing along with the likes of Train, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Shania Twain and so many more of your favorite artists! Just open NoteStar on your iPad and tap the "New Songs" banner to preview the latest titles!

If you haven't installed NoteStar yet, remember: The app is completely free, and when you register NoteStar with Yamaha, your first song is on us!

Here's a few previews featuring some of our favorite new titles:


Friday, September 21, 2012

NEW! The Entertainer Pack Expansion Styles & The Entertainer Pack Bundle

The Entertainer Pack is the perfect and popular solution for entertainers, duos and bands. For this best-selling Tyros4 Premium Voice Pack, we are now offering a fantastic expansion: 30 new Styles featuring genres such as the famous German Schlager and Volksmusik, which all benefit from the first-rate voices of the original Entertainer Pack. The musical variety is vast, from Party Rock to 70s Schlager, Malle Polka, Italo Power Ballad, Modern Samba , Karneval Marsch to Fantasy Fox, Schlager Disco and many others. This extraordinary Entertainer Pack Style Expansion really reflects all the significant German songs and musical styles from the last 50 years. A Must-Have for any owner of the original Entertainer Pack.

If you have already purchased the original Entertainer Pack, you can simply purchase and download the new Expansion Styles. If you haven't bought the original pack, you can take advantage of the new Entertainer Pack Bundle, which includes the original pack and the 30 new expansion styles. The new expansion styles are not usuable without the original Entertainer Pack.

Check out the preview videos below:

Entertainer Pack Style Expansion Demo #1

Entertainer Pack Style Expansion Demo #2

Yamaha Premium Packs & Voices are available Exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft!


Friday, September 14, 2012

6 New PianoSoft Albums at Yamaha MusicSoft!

Have you ever wished that you could invite an expert pianist into your home to perform your favorite songs on a moment's notice? PianoSoft allows you to do just that! PianoSoft features recreations and interpretations of your favorite songs performed by some of the most talented pianists in the world today; played note-for-note on your Yamaha Disklavier, Clavinova, or Keyboard. This week we're releasing 6 new collections, covering a variety of genres, from classical to pop and beyond!

Listen to samples of all 6 new collections below, or visit Yamaha MusicSoft to browse the entire catalog!

Georgia on my Mind
From the PianoSoft collection "Floyd Cramer- Georgia on my Mind"

Fooled Around and Fell in Love
From the PianoSoft collection "You Are So Beautiful- Songs for Lovers"
Que Paso From the PianoSoft collection "The Artistry of Philippe Saisse"
Odeon From the PianoSoft collection: "Alfredo Cardim: Brazilian Nights"
Lost in Your Eyes From the PianoSoft collection "One Moment in Time: Songs of the 80's"
The Maiden's Wish From the PianoSoft collection "Inna Faliks in Concert"

PianoSoft and so much more is available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft!