Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Songs In NoteStar Version 2.0!

We're excited to release nearly 100 new songs in the NoteStar store! If you enjoy the traditional NoteStar experience, you'll be glad to know we've added 50 new songs to the "Full Band With Vocals" series, featuring big hits from Billy Joel, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and more! Fans of the Full Band Series can browse over 40 new songs that cover a diverse set of genres and styles: everything from J.S. Bach and Debussy, to Duke Ellington and Elton John!

Check out the entire catalog, or open your iPad, and tap "new releases" to see all the new songs.

If you haven't heard about the new features of NoteStar version 2.0, our friend and colleague Craig Knudsen recently sat down and made a lovely demonstration video. Check it out!