Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Balkan&Turkey Voice Pack For Tyros4!

The Balkan & Turkey Pack for Tyros4 highlights the unique and traditional music of Southern European countries. The pack features solo instruments like accordion, flute, clarinet, oboe and bagpipe together with stringed Buzukis, Tamburas, Baglamas, Uds or cimbalom. Typical percussion sets and drum instruments compliment the numerous styles, which were created to represent the most authentic oriental rhythms- including many in odd time signatures. The pack was created by our friends at Yamaha Central Europe, and is the first Voice & Style Expansion Pack exclusively for the Tyros4! The Balkan & Turkey Pack boasts 75 fantastic voices, and 50 Styles in addition to 10 Registrations and 2 Demo Songs!

Check out the demonstration videos below:

Balkan&Turkey Pack Demo #1

Balkan&Turkey Pack Demo #2

The new Balkan&Turkey Pack for Tyros4 is available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft!