Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have A Summer Cocktail Party With Yamaha's Piano Radio!

We have just released a smooth new channel on Yamaha's Piano Radio! To follow up the Sizzling Summer channel we announced at the beginning of the summer, we thought it'd be nice to offer something a little cooler; providing a soundtrack to your next cocktail or dinner party in the pleasant summer nights. Introducing, the new Cocktail Party channel on Yamaha's Piano Radio!

If you've never tried Piano Radio before, it's easy to get connected! Check out our Connection Guide, and you can be listening in minutes. Check out Cocktail Party at Channel 26, or take a look at the whole list of channels!

Here's a taste of what you can expect to hear on the new Cocktail Party Channel!

Island Girl
From the PianoSoft collection "Hits of Elton John"
Endless Summer Nights From the PianoSoft collection "Days of Summer" Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) From the PianoSoft collection "Chain of Fools"- the Best of Aretha Franklin.

Enjoy your summer evenings while they last!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

6 New PianoSoft Albums At Yamaha MusicSoft!

From the Beach Boys and Electric Light Orchestra, to Steely Dan and Ray Charles; there's sure to be something for every PianoSoft fan in this weeks batch of new releases! Also new to the catalog are two compilation albums, featuring Highlights from the Best 100 Songs of All Time, and I Believe- Songs of Faith! With PianoSoft, you can listen to the music you want to hear, whenever you want to hear it, only on your Yamaha Disklavier, Clavinova, or Keyboard!

Check out the previews from these outstanding new collections below, or browse our entire catalog of PianoSoft albums at Yamaha MusicSoft.

The Best of the Beach Boys- "Good Vibrations" Wouldn't It Be Nice?

"Bodhisattva"- Best of Steely Dan
Reeling In The Years

Hits of Electric Light Orchestra
Mr. Blue Sky

Tribute to Ray Charles
Hit The Road Jack

Highlights from the Best 100 Songs of All Time
Dream On- Aerosmith

I Believe- Songs of Faith
Morning Has Broken- Cat Stevens

These new PianoSoft collections are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Balkan&Turkey Voice Pack For Tyros4!

The Balkan & Turkey Pack for Tyros4 highlights the unique and traditional music of Southern European countries. The pack features solo instruments like accordion, flute, clarinet, oboe and bagpipe together with stringed Buzukis, Tamburas, Baglamas, Uds or cimbalom. Typical percussion sets and drum instruments compliment the numerous styles, which were created to represent the most authentic oriental rhythms- including many in odd time signatures. The pack was created by our friends at Yamaha Central Europe, and is the first Voice & Style Expansion Pack exclusively for the Tyros4! The Balkan & Turkey Pack boasts 75 fantastic voices, and 50 Styles in addition to 10 Registrations and 2 Demo Songs!

Check out the demonstration videos below:

Balkan&Turkey Pack Demo #1

Balkan&Turkey Pack Demo #2

The new Balkan&Turkey Pack for Tyros4 is available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft!


Friday, July 6, 2012

New Premium Styles: MOR Waltz & 00's Dance Pop!

This week we're releasing some Premium Styles in the Easy Listening, and Dance/Electronic catalogs! For fans of pop artists like Rhianna or Britney Spears, we've added 00's Dance Pop, which is more than enough to get the party started! MOR Waltz was designed to satisfy customers who've asked for more sweet and lofty waltz styles, so we hope you enjoy it!

Check out the demonstration videos below, or take a look at our entire catalog!

MOR Waltz
MOR Waltz is beautiful and lush! Light percussion moves the style along with a gentle tempo, offering plenty of time and space to introduce melodies. Speaking of melodies, you can craft yours using horns, big strings, piano, and orchestral flute in the one touch settings.

00's Dance Pop
This Style features a driving "four on the floor" back beat that grows in intensity and complexity over 4 variations. It's pretty much perfect for any modern dance track, with featured voices that include a variety of synth leads and chord "pads", and a nice bright piano.

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection!