Friday, March 2, 2012

New Premium Styles For The Music Of The 1950's!

Perhaps if we put out some positive energy, the warm weather promise of Spring will hurry up and get here! And few decades produced more feel-good music than the 1950's! This week we're releasing two outstanding new Premium Styles for the music of just that decade, highlighting the touching and tender ballad, and the cookin' early Blues sound in the same breath.

Check out the description and demonstration video below, or have a look at our entire catalog!

50's Swing Ballad
A cool and easy swing gently rocks this style from side to side, in a breathy carefree manner. Just the right amount of percussive accents keeps things steady, while you build character and sweet melodies through the variations. Mix things up with the one touch setting voices, including Yamaha piano, vibraphone, airy vocals, and brass!

50's Blues Shuffle
Here's a hot-doggin' little style for 50's shuffle music in all varieties of blues progressions. The first variation gives you some Bill Haley-esque hits to play around with, progressing through the other variations until you've got something that really cooks! Featured voices include a finger-picked guitar, rock piano, 50's style (almost honky tonk) lead guitar, and growling sax!

... And some 50's inspired Premium Styles already in the catalog!

50's Twist
With the youthful rebellion of exciting, raucous music and the dance to go along with it, the twist sums up perfectly the feel of early rock and roll. You can easily create the same feel with this style, which puts doo wop backing vocals at the forefront of the accompaniment.

50's Quickstep
Transport yourself back to ballroom dancing of the 1950's with this up-tempo quickstep style. The "Quickstep" referenced in the name of this new style is a ballroom dance similar to the foxtrot - very fast and characterized by quick movements and runs. As such, this style is ideal as an accompaniment for ballroom dancing. Since the quickstep is usually danced to big band or swing music, though, this style, which puts Yamaha's background vocal sounds to great use and features a spirited backing from strings and guitar, is beautifully arranged for anyone looking to play some energetic jazz.

50's Big Band
A more relaxed yet precocious style of Big Band music had taken shape in the 1950's. Pioneered by band leaders such as Count Basie, 50's era swing produced amazing musicians like Buddy Rich, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, and too many others to name. This Style has a gentle, matter-of-fact swing quality that makes it really unique. Clarinet voices are featured prominently in addition to a breathtakingly authentic Big Band brass section, and the world famous Yamaha piano sound.

50's Shuffle
The pitter-patter of the brushes on the drums drives this groovy little shuffle right along, and it's even got the walking bass line to match! Perfect for a bigger band "Hound Dog" rendition, or any major key I, IV, V progression too! Featured voices include Yamaha piano, warm lead guitar, and two sweet brass combos!

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

Have a rockin' weekend!