Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drew's NoteStar Song Of The Week!

Hello NoteStars! I'm fortunate enough to have the kind of job where I'm not only allowed to play a little piano every day, but I'm actually encouraged to do so! I'm also lucky enough to have an iPad and the NoteStar App with the entire catalog of songs at my fingertips. My feelings for NoteStar may differ a little from what I expect most people think when they first check out the app. This is NOT an app for pro-keyboard players, or expert sheet music sight-readers.(Though most of them get a kick out of it!)

To be honest: I can barely read sheet music... BUT, I do recognize the chord symbols, and using NoteStar's amazing player functions, I can quickly transpose any song to a key I'm familiar with, slow it down to practice if it's a difficult song, and listen to the keyboard reference part to learn by ear. That's exactly what I do when I want to play a new song with NoteStar. All of these tools can help you to learn faster, and the keyboard transcriptions are certainly there... But the tools in NoteStar are designed to facilitate the EXPERIENCE of playing with a real band so you can have FUN!

Today I spent 15 minutes with NoteStar and the newly-released "Penny Lane" by the Beatles... and I can already play along with the band! I have never taken a piano lesson in my life (though I have been playing by ear for many years), and Peter Baartmans will tell you my technique is terrible! However, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm having fun playing along with a real band!

Check out the short video we made today of "Penny Lane", now available in the NoteStar store!

I'll try to post videos of my favorite NoteStar songs, and you should do the same! Post your NoteStar videos on the NoteStar Facebook page and share the fun with everyone!