Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Premium Style Packs At Yamaha MusicSoft!

This week we're excited to announce the release of 4 Premium Style Packs at Yamaha MusicSoft! Each pack contains 4 of Yamaha's best Premium Styles all bundled together at a discounted price. We've hand-picked Styles for our customers who play Pop, Rock, Big Band, or Soul music; but this is only the beginning!

Yamaha Premium Styles are created by the same team that programs the factory installed Styles found in Yamaha's best Arranger/Workstations and Clavinovas! If you've never added Premium Styles to your instrument, you can be sure the the quality and performance will match the professional level that you're used to, while giving you new rhythms to expand your musical creativity!

Check out the Premium Style Packs below, or browse our entire catalog!

Premium Style Pack: Pop
This pack includes 60's Brit Pop, Sunshine Pop, Mid 80's Chart Pop, and 80's Synth Pop!

Premium Style Pack: Big Band
The Big Band pack includes Big Band Train, Hot Big Band, Big Band Foxtrot, and 50's Big Band!

Premium Style Pack: Soul
The Soul pack features Disco Celebration, Detroit Ballad, Memphis Soul, and Uplifting Soul!

Premium Style Pack: Rock
The Rock pack includes Stairway Rock, Piano Rock, 80's Movie Rock, and US Rock!

Yamaha Premium Style Packs are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft!