Friday, November 11, 2011

Ooh La La! New French Styles at Yamaha Online Services!

Our colleagues in Europe have given us a pleasant surprise this week! 5 brand new styles inspired by classic pop and jazz tunes from France. We're proud to add a new Bolero Style to our catalog, in addition to a lovely Cha Cha, and a great Jazz Waltz. Whether you're already a fan of French pop music from the 60's and 70's, or you're just looking for something authentic and a bit different to mix up your set, these new Styles offer flexibility and excitement to your repertoire. Best of all, you can purchase each of the new Styles individually, or save when you buy them all in French Style Pack 1! Check out the samples below, or browse our entire catalog of Styles!

Classical Bolero
This Bolero rhythm is fantastic, featuring latin percussion and a slow, sultry groove. The low bass and marimba sounds flush out the arrangement of the rhythm, with some brass kicking in with the later variations. Featured voices include trumpet, saxophone, and flamenco guitar.

French Slow Ballad This ballad doesn't sound inherently French at first, but it was inspired by Joe Dassin's L'été indien. I could easily see this Style working for songs like "Lady In Red", or anything on the slow end with a steady back beat. Groovy guitars aid in the rhythm, leaving room to play melodies with trumpet, saxophone, and grand piano. Guitar Swing Chanson A nice bouncy Style, with lofty drums and a steady bass line. Accordion creeps into the later variations, adding layers of texture to the overall sound. Featured voices include musette, concert guitar, allegro strings, and trumpet. Hully Gully Hully Gully is a bit of a Cha Cha style, with a mid-tempo feel and some moving eletric piano lines that are reminiscent of Motown. The groove here is undeniable, and you can solo using the trumpet, saxophone, or grand piano voices. Jazz Musette Here's a fantastic waltz- French Style. Lovely accordion swells fill the rhythm with some jazzy drums to give it swing. Featured voices include jazz guitar, slide guitar, accordion, and saxophone. These new French Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

Have a great weekend!