Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Premium Styles! Rock Ballad 6-8 & Shadow Tango!

November's new Premium Styles continue the tradition of diversity and quality that our customers have come to expect. With a nod to mid-90's "post-hair-metal" ballads in 6/8 time, and a new Tango Style that mixes classic functionality with surprising detail and boundless creativity; Rock Ballad 6-8 and Shadow Tango should find a home in your repertoire with ease. Like all Yamaha Premium Styles, these have been created to the exacting standards of the Styles that come pre-loaded on Yamaha's best arranger/workstations!

Rock Ballad 6-8
This Style in 6-8 time is totally inspired by Bon Jovi's classic profession of love in their 1992 smash hit "Bed Of Roses". While this Style won't transport you to the top of a mountain for an epic guitar solo, it will put grand piano, soprano sax, rock organ, and a screaming lead guitar voice at your fingertips. The rhythm builds nice and slow, offering a wide array of dynamic backing options. It's a heartbreaking masterpiece in a minor key, or sweet and inspiring in a major key. This Style is truly a necessity for the rock keyboard player.

Shadow Tango
Here's a really cool Tango Style inspired by the song "Guitar Tango" by The Shadows. This Style features a couple of great Tango rhythms, and some great guitar voices that are reminiscent of the famous Shadows tone, which they originally achieved with Fender guitars, Vox amplifiers, and tape echo! Now they're easy to play and conveniently located in the One Touch Settings. You also get an orchestral string section, and a sweet trumpet to support your melodies! Whether you're looking for something a little different and inspired by late 50's UK pop, or just need a solid Tango style for your next gig, Shadow Tango has all the right ingredients for a killer performance!

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection!