Friday, November 18, 2011

The Holiday Favorites Channel Returns To Yamaha's Piano Radio!

Yamaha's Piano Radio has consistently offered new and diverse channels throughout 2011, and we're proud to announce our annual that the popular Holiday Favorites channel is back again this year! Because all Piano Radio channels are based on our extensive catalog of PianoSoft albums, this service offers a unique alternative to purchasing entire collections and manually building playlists or changing disks. Simply connect your keyboard, Clavinova, or Disklavier to Yamaha's Piano Radio; choose your favorite station, and listen to beautiful piano music 24 hours a day, seven days a week! For those of you that prefer to have more control over which songs you hear and when, we're also featuring 6 of our favorite Christmas albums, which are essential additions to any PianoSoft collection.

Traditional Christmas Sing-A-Long

Jolly Christmas

A New Age/Jazzy Christmas-Garson Style

Songs For Christmas Volume 2

Country Christmas

Happy Christmas

Have a great weekend!