Friday, October 7, 2011

Virtuoso Performance News! Fred Hersch & Lincoln Mayorga At Yamaha MusicSoft!

This week we are back with another round of releases from the popular Virtuoso Performance Software series in downloadable format! The Virtuoso Performance Software series consists of nearly 40 collections of intimate performances, recorded and optimized for Yamaha keyboard instruments! Now that these amazing collections are downloadable, they are available for the first time in a format that is compatible with the Yamaha Disklavier E3 and DKC-850 models, as well as Clavinovas and Keyboards! This week's additions include a collection of classic songs from Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin, as peformed by the inimitable Lincoln Mayorga; AND we have a re-release of Fred Hersch's "Seasons" which has been out of print for some time!

Find out what Virtuoso Performance Software's producer David Kreisberg has to say about these truly wonderful collections and these gifted performers below! As always, we encourage you to browse our entire catalog of PianoSoft and Virtuoso Performance Software products at Yamaha MusicSoft!

Fred Hersch- Seasons
Fred Hersch is a serious pianist. I first recognized that when I heard his audio recordings, then later when I met him. He elevates the material he interprets. Some pianists are satisfied to wow you with their technique and flash (of which Fred has plenty) or swing you or set your feet a-tapping. Fred prefers to conjure introspection; to give pause for thought and reach further inward thus, delivering greater emotional rewards. Listen beneath the surface of these songs and you'll hear a constant motion and movement within his playing; a forward driving contrapuntal energy building and rising then falling at just the appropriate moments; tying then untying poetic knots.

Fred's playing speaks volumes of life experience. An honors graduate of The New England Conservatory, Fred's career has embraced both the worlds of classical and jazz and, at times, a marriage of the two. He's performed with Stan Getz, Lee Konitz and Charlie Haden. He's also performed with major orchestras across the U.S. and Europe. More importantly, he’s recognized as a profound piano soloist as you will discover on "Seasons". He's served as faculty at The New England Conservatory and The Manhattan School of Music. And, he's written monthly columns on the art of solo piano for Keyboard magazine. He's acknowledged as a major keyboard artist by such publications as Downbeat, The New Yorker, Jazz Times, The Washington Post and The New York Times. He's the recipient of Grammy award nominations and his audio recordings have received much deserved critical acclaim.

This collection of songs, inspired by the seasons, is rendered in a deliberately mature fashion. He sets out within each piece embarking upon a journey. How easy and convenient the journey would be if it were merely around the block. Instead, Fred opts for the long way home combing the narrow alleys and passageways that offer a more compelling glimpse of what's really going on within these musical environs. All the seasons provide their joys and sorrows, weaving their magic within us and about us; metaphorically capturing profound moments and events we all eventually encounter should we live long enough and full enough. We're fortunate Fred obliges us by sharing some of his.
- David Kreisberg

Lincoln Mayorga- Kern n' Berlin
Within the entertainment industry, the display of musical versatility is not altogether uncommon. The demands put upon musicians in Hollywood are generally quite broad. Find a musician that is equally versatile and virtuosic regardless of musical genres and you've found Lincoln Mayorga. Lincoln is the embodiment of versatility. Yet his foundation of technique and historical perspective raises his pianism well beyond mere versatility. The range of his professional success transcends the varied worlds of concert music, popular music, studio work and jazz. As you can hear, Lincoln is quite comfortable at the piano; just put the music in front of him, sit back and listen.

Lincoln Mayorga was born and raised in Los Angeles, and he is the descendent of an impressive pianistic line which begins with Beethoven and continues through Czerny, Leschetizky, Schnabel and his own teacher Aube Tzerko. Along with his solid training in the European tradition he also displays an ear for more popular musical genres. For many years Lincoln enjoyed one of the busiest studio careers in Hollywood. He was the staff pianist for Walt Disney Studios and contributed to the soundtracks of such motion pictures as "Pete's Dragon", "Bedknobs And Broomsticks", "The Competition", "The Rose", and "Splash". His television credits include "Little House On The Prairie", "Highway To
", "Dallas", "Fame", and many others.

As an accompanist and arranger in the field of popular music he assisted such greats as Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Vikki Carr, Andy Williams and Quincy Jones. Lincoln was also co-founder of the renowned audiophile record label Sheffield Lab for which he released many recordings spanning all his musical styles. These days, he concentrates upon his concert schedule which has taken his diverse 19th and 20th century repertoire to better than 200 cities across the United States, Europe and Russia. He has become recognized as a champion of American music as is shown in this collection. His arrangements of unforgettable compositions by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, and Irving Berlin, among others, exposes the timeless quality and craft with which these composers graced us and the intricate voicings and shadings that only a classical musical background and thorough musical and emotional understanding could imbue. As a confirmation, in 1988, the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra engaged Lincoln as a soloist in their first concert devoted entirely to American music.

Lincoln's renditions of Kern and Berlin substantiate these songs' perpetual popularity. His use of inner lines to support the melody; the manner in which he builds upon the underlying tension and then releases it in a tutti fury of open fisted chords; the tasteful employment of a modulation at a stirring moment to further develop the overall impact of the song. Lincoln understands.
-David Kreisberg

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