Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rocktober Styles At Yamaha Online Services!

It's the most rockin' month of the year: ROCKTOBER! To celebrate, we've put together a list of awesome Rock Styles for Yamaha Keyboards and Clavinovas! From 80's Rock highlights to driving Blues Rock barn-burners, there's a perfect Style for your next Rock performance at Yamaha MusicSoft. Rock music is as versatile as any other genre, however Styles offer you the control to adjust the tempo, choose the key you want to play in, and use 4 variations and One Touch Settings to really create an original performance. Don't forget that although each Style is inspired by a specific song, any Style can be used to play hundreds of songs! You can even use Styles to work on your own compositions and recordings at home!

80's Movie Rock
80's Movie Rock has montage written all over it. Playing with this style, I can easily see Daniel-san training with Mr. Miyagi, or Rocky running up those famous steps in Philadelphia. It's the driving, chugging, rhythm that makes this Style unique and essential to any collection. One Touch Settings include Synth, Guitar, and Brass voices.

80's Root Rock
A hard hitting 4/4 Style for all your country inspired rock tunes. Fuzzy Guitars, Clean Piano, and some Brass voices are all set up in the One Touch Settings for your jamming pleasure!

80's Rock Anthem
A powerful Style with big stadium drums and crushing guitars. Super versatile by nature, this Style is suitable for many popular songs from the 80s, or whatever you might be working on at home! Featured voices include Rotary Organ, Rock Guitars, and Rockin' Sax!

US Rock
American Woman! A totally groovy rock Style inspired by the Guess Who Classic. But there's plenty more to do with this Style! The One Touch Settings include some Rick Wakeman style Synth voices, in addition to Prog Rock Organ and a super dirty fuzzed out Guitar!

Burning Rock
This Style really cooks! A straight ahead 8 beat drives the rhythm which also includes acoustic and electric guitars, organ, and piano. It's great for blues rock tunes from all eras, with One Touch Settings that include saxophone, two lead guitars with varying intensity, and a big brass section.

Brit Rock
Brit Rock is an easy going Style, clocking in at about 78 beats per minute. The rhythm features crunchy guitars, a backbeat that grows through the variations, and a solid bass line. Featured voices include a sweet oboe, organ, lead guitar, and a pop brass section.

Plain Rock
Here's a great mid-tempo style that features some accordion and groovy blues piano in the rhythm section. I'm thinking late 70's to early 80's classic rock with a touch of the blues. Featured voices include saxophone, harmonica, 60's organ, and steel guitar.

On Top Rock
On Top Rock is another slow burner. Think Creedence Clearwater Revival or George Thoroughgood and you're not far off. The rhythm is an open 4/4 beat, with 70's lead guitar, organ, and saxophones in the one touch settings.

Walker Rock
This one is an uptempo shuffle Style with an air-tight rhythm section, that incorporates tasteful use of piano, and adds a little hand clapping in the last variation. Featured voices include blues guitars, saxophone, and a cool synth horn sound.

Marmor Rock
What a versatile Style! It begins with a sparse drum beat and palm muted guitar, and eventually explodes into a country rock shuffle! One Touch Settings include grand piano, big brass, organ, and lead guitar!

The most rockin' styles and more are available from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.