Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Got Soul & Style, And Yamaha Premium Styles For Soul Music!

Soul music has a rich history, combining elements of rhythm and blues, and gospel music. It was first defined as "gospel-style music with secular lyrics". Groovy rhythms, big(ger) bands, hand claps, and crowd participation are all key elements of Soul music. Most of the biggest soul singers from the 1960's drew inspiration from the "hard gospel" vocal quartets of the 40's and 50's, and many consider Ray Charles to be the "inventor" of the genre.

In addition to Mr. Charles, other pioneers of Soul music include Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, and Solomon Burke, though there are too many influential artists and songwriters to list here. This week we've put together a short list of some of the best Yamaha Premium Styles for Soul music, to give you the tools you need to recreate the sound of some of the greatest songs ever written. Whether you're into deep classic soul, funk, R&B, Southern, Northern, Chicago, New Orleans, or Memphis Soul, you're bound to find something on this list that suits the mood. Like all Yamaha Premium Styles, these have been carefully programmed to meet the exacting standards of the Styles that are factory installed in your instrument!

Funky 70's

This Style was inspired by the funk classic "Play That Funky Music", and though it's a bit of a Soul music derivative, it still has some serious groove! Featured voices include rotary organ, growling saxophone, fuzzy lead guitar, and a big trumpet section!

Soul Pop

Soul Pop's first variation is sparse, with just a kick drum and high hat beat. When you move through the variations, you get a classic Soul 4 beat with some awesome voices to play your melody, including trumpet, organ, saxophone, and a warm lead guitar!

Classic R&B

A progressive but laid back groove is present in this style. The bass line is really groovy, and as the variations become more complex, organs and horn pads are added for extra texture. Featured voices include a chorus affected guitar, huge organ, and electric piano.

Groove R&B

Groove R&B has a mellow 16 beat rhythm, which evolves to include subtle rim shots, then ultimately breaking into a classic groove. The swelling string section pads add automatic dynamic to your performance. Featured voices include Spanish guitar, tremolo electric piano, trumpet, and a sweet synth patch.

Hand Jive

Another classic Soul gem! This one is perfect for songs like "Shake" by Otis Redding, or "Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson. I could even a Soul version of "Footloose" in this Style! Featured voices include big band trumpet, clean guitar, and a bright piano!

Detroit Ballad

Some of the biggest ballads of the 60s came out of Detroit and Motown records. Detroit put a distinctive soulful pop spin on ballads in songs like "My Girl", and "I Second That Emotion" that you can hear in this style. Using lots of backing vocals alongside prominent drums and horns, the Motown sound is unique but sounds great accompanying a wide variety of ballads.

Memphis Soul

Memphis Soul Music of the 1960's and 70's was defined by artists like Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, and Booker T. & The M.G.'s. This upbeat Style showcases the groovy bass and "in the pocket" drums that are the foundation of the Memphis Sound. With this Style's sultry organ and funky horn voices you'll have all the tools to make shimmering soul music!

60's Soul Shuffle

This style is like putting the world renowned Funk Brothers of Motown Records fame right at your fingertips. All the ingredients are here: deep grooving bass lines, solid back beat drums, bright guitars, and brass voices to really fill out your arrangement. Play all the classic soul shuffle tunes, from Jackie Wilson to the Temptations! If Soul is how you roll, then this style is essential!

60's Gospel Soul

Here we have a mid-tempo soul groove that starts off sparse in the first variation. The sound grows exponentially through each variation, adding piano, gospel vocals, and handclaps, while the drums switch from a snare hit on the 2nd and 4th beat to that classic 4 beat snare rhythm that was so popular in 1960's soul music. Featured voices include a vintage electric piano, organ, blues guitar, and a growling saxophone!

60's 4 Beat Soul

Think Temptations or the Four Tops, and you're really close with this style. Featuring the big Motown production style of the late 60's, this one is essential to any style file collection. Featured voices include electric guitar, harmonica, a string section and a brass section.

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