Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Best Premium Styles For Big Band, Jazz, & Swing At Yamaha Online Services!

Yamaha Premium Styles make playing Jazz and Big Band standards easier than ever. Depending on how you set the Style fingering on your Yamaha instrument, you can control the movement of your song with full chords, or a single finger. Using the single finger method, you can play basic root notes with your left hand, leaving your right hand free to play melodies with some of the amazing voices that are pre-programmed into every Premium Style, and conveniently accessed via the One Touch Setting buttons.

Style files can give the beginner and intermediate player the edge and confidence to learn faster! Jazz music tends to require a bit more music theory to understand and play, and with the ability to slow down, simplify, and practice with a full band, Yamaha Premium Styles are perfect for any student or performer of any skill level.

Take a look at this week's featured Premium Styles for Jazz, Big Band, and Swing music, or check out the entire catalog!

Organ Jazz Waltz
A nice mix of soft brushes and bright ride cymbal give this waltz its superior swing. With low organ pads, and a fat upright bass, the rhythm section is really cookin'! One touch settings include a couple of great organs, jazz guitar, and harmonica!

Jazz Quartet Fast
The drums in this Style are my favorite part. Classic, straight forward Jazz drums, that really explode in the 4th variation. Bass and guitar hold down the 8th notes, giving you the foundation to explore your melody with piano, organ, trumpet, or saxophone!

Big Band Standard
Harness the power of the big bands that backed up great singers like Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. Frank Sinatra, or Bobby Darin! A driving mid tempo swing with light string pads and brass section stabs give you the tools to recreate your favorite Big Band hits! Featured voices include trumpet, piano, and saxophone!

French Swing
Django Rheinhardt created a unique form of swing that was distinctive not only in instrumentation (prominently featuring guitar and violin, with no drummer) but also in the type of harmonies and melodies used in the songs. Rheinhardt's music is the inspiration for this style, featuring great violin and guitar figures, and the addition of some light drumming. Featured voices include jazz accordion, violin, clarinet, and vibraphone.

Acappella Swing
This style is a perfect accompaniment to use in creating your own a capella tracks. Using only human voices for harmony and finger snaps for percussion, this style recreates the sound of a barbershop quartet with amazing realism and expressiveness. Add your own voice to create new "a capella" songs!

Hot Big Band
Baritone Sax and some awesome handclaps catch the ear in the first variation of this style. As the style progresses, layers of piano, brass, and a strong back beat help you build to your big finish! One Touch Settings include a trumpet section, saxophone section, and a sweet trombone!

Big Band Foxtrot
From its American roots, the Foxtrot has grown to become one of the world’s most popular ballroom dances. Swing and big band music is typically used for dancing the Foxtrot and with this Style you get to lead your very own dance band! Featured voices include cocktail piano, clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet.

Piano Slow Shuffle
A versatile jazz style with a traditional piano, bass and drums arrangement. With soft, brushed drumming and stand-up bass, the sounds and rhythms in this style give you a real authentic jazz combo feel. You can keep it a trio by adding piano melody lines, or make it a quartet with horns or woodwind voices.

Big Band Train
The sound of American big band music is as popular now as it was back in the 1940’s. This upbeat Style has all the band members you would expect – drums, acoustic bass, jazz guitar, piano, saxes and brass – with a complimenting bank of One Touch Settings for you to play along.

Old Time Swing
Here's a lofty, mid-tempo Swing that makes a great entry point into the Big Band/Jazz world, as it's suitable for a variety of songs or original compositions. Featured voices include a big trumpet section, flute, saxophone, and Yamaha piano!

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.