Thursday, August 11, 2011

Play The Blues With Style Files From Yamaha Online Services!

Blues music originated in the Deep South of the United States near the end of the 19th century. Evolving from spiritual songs, work songs, field hollers, and chants; Blues songs are typically storytelling vehicles sung with emotion, and a consistent rhyme scheme. Something you may not know (I sure didn't) is that the term "The Blues" refers to the "Blue Devils", meaning melancholy and sadness.

During World War II, Blues music transitioned from the traditional acoustic form to the electric sound that is ubiquitous today. The influence of the blues can be found in all sorts of musical genres from Pop to Country, Jazz, Rock, and even Hip Hop! Blues bands typically have a standard bass, drums, guitar and piano rhythm section, it's the lead instruments that really stick out in my mind. Guitar, saxophone, harmonica, and vocal solos have always added an extra layer of feeling to the genre.

This week we've put together a list of essential Styles that are perfect for the Blues enthusiast! With Style files, you can load the entire band into your Yamaha keyboard and take the lead with the pre-programmed voices available automatically in the One Touch Settings of your instrument. Check out some of the samples below, and browse our catalog of Styles from other genres at Yamaha MusicSoft.

Slow Shuffle Blues
Yamaha Premium Style

Ripping electric guitar, harmonica, and rock organ are the featured voices for soloing in this Style. A classic mid tempo shuffle with walking bass lines and crisp studio drums provide the perfect backing band for a rockin' blues groove.

Blues Rock
Midi Spot Style

This Style really cooks! The rhythm is really full, and includes a twinkling piano, solid bass and drums, and some classic brass section lines. Jazz guitar, harmonica, and a brass section are at your fingertips in the One Touch Settings so you can add layers of melody to an already amazing rhythm section!

The Blues- Premium
Yamaha Premium Style

The quintessential and best selling Blues Style of all time at Yamaha Musicsoft! The rhythm boasts dual guitars and some organ stabs in addition to the groovy shuffle and pentatonic bass line. One Touch settings include clean and dirty lead guitars, a warm organ, and bluesy harmonica!

Classic Blues
Midi Spot Style

The first variation of this Style has that amazing "dun dunna dun dun" blues intro made famous by songs like Johnny Guitar Watson's Gangster Of Love and Muddy Waters' Mannish Boy. One Touch Settings include a gritty lead guitar, and even grittier lead guitar, electric piano, and harmonica.

Moore Blues
Midi Spot Style

Here we have a nice blues ballad that works for a variety of songs and genres. Though inspired by Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues, it's perfect for Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World or Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love. Featured voices include distorted lead guitar, a big string section, and a smooth saxophone.

Blues Shuffle
Yamaha Style

An almost boogie woogie piano drives the rhythm of this shuffle, with a long walking bass line to match. High pitched organ pad and warm rhythm guitar add to the shuffle beat, which is accentuated with light conga. Featured voices for this Style include 2 organ variations, Yamaha piano, and a blazing trumpet!

Alma Blues
Yamaha Style

Alma Blues is a much more modern variation on the genre, adding some electronic elements to the Style. This one is great for modern ballads, with piano, organ, saxophone, and classical guitar featured in the One Touch Settings.

Country Blues
Midi Spot Style

This Style features some fiddle and pedal steel over an ambitious two step rhythm. Great for many Country songs old and new, with pedal steel, clean guitar, gritty guitar, and fiddle voices for picking out your melodies!

Chicago 12 Bar
Midi Spot Style

A fan favorite, Chicago 12 bar is representative of the sub genre of Blues music for which it was named. The first variation has some crisp stops, and things really start to heat up in the 3rd and 4th variations when the horns are added to the rhythm section. Solo using organ, guitar, and saxophone voices!

Wonder Shuffle
Midi Spot Style

With a little groove, this Style takes the Blues genre to funky town. Inspired by Stevie Wonder, this rhythm has all the classic ingredients of songs like Just Enough For the City, and Superstition. Featured voices include a funky clav, electric piano, brass section, and clean guitar.

The Blues Styles and so many more are available now at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct connection.