Friday, August 19, 2011

The Perfect Styles For Piano Based Music At Yamaha Online Services!

This week we are featuring a selection of hand picked Styles that are perfect for songs that are centered around the piano. From Elton John, and Billy Joel, to Ben Folds and even Dr. John, there's something on this list for everyone. I think a lot of musicians enjoy learning and writing at the piano because of the linear nature of the instrument.

The musical alphabet is repeated over and over from left to right on the keyboard. This makes learning the language of music easier, and more fun. All of this week's featured Styles come programmed with three intros, three endings, four main variations that are progressively complex, and of course four One Touch Settings to give you the most appropriate voices at your fingertips for playing melody. And remember; this is only a sampling of the Styles that are currently available from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can browse the entire catalog.

Check out our favorite Styles for piano songs below!

Rock Standing
Midi Spot Style
A straight ahead rocker perfect for upbeat piano tunes like I'm Still Standing by Elton John. Featured voices include a shredding fuzz guitar, rotary organ, and growling saxophone!

90s Pop Ballad
Yamaha Premium Style
A groovy piano pop style with a big string section, sax and classical guitar voice. Pop ballads are the best! And this Style has the versatility to play all kinds of them!

Rock Keys
Yamaha Premium Style
This Style is dramatic and mid tempo. There's already some great rhythm piano happening in the backing of this Style, which leaves you free to solo with some of the awesome one touch settings which include clean guitar, Yamaha piano, and church organ.

Groovy Ballad
Midi Spot Style
This style says "You Know I Love You, But I Just Can't Take This". It says a lot of other things too, but mostly that. Featuring a DX7 style electric piano sound, you can have a lot of fun composing 80's ballads.

Sad Rock
Midi Spot Style
Clearly inspired by Elton John's Sad Songs (Say So Much), this Style has the quintessential blues rock groove that the piano fits so nicely into. One Touch Settings include rock saxophone, warm electric piano, and honky tonk piano.

Reg's Bossa
Midi Spot Style
Here's another Elton inspired Style. This one seems perfect for Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. The Rhythm is a slightly electronic bossa nova with a big electric piano sound. Featured voices include choir, a smooth sax, Yamaha DX synth, and Yamaha Grand Piano.

Easy Swing
Yamaha Premium Style
Easy Swing is a bouncy little jazz Style for all of you Jazz Pianists out there. Featuring a serious moving bass line, and some of the most authentic brushes on the snare drum, this one is really fun! Jazz guitar, string section, Yamaha piano, and saxophone are the One Touch Setting voices for Easy Swing.

Piano Rock
Yamaha Premium Style
This Style invokes the likes of Ben Folds. It's a super fun, versatile and upbeat piano Style for a modern, almost indie rock feel. Featured voices include trumpet, saxophone, Yamaha piano, and a classic rock organ sound.

CCCP Ballad
Midi Spot Style
Another perfect groove piano Style that puts the piano right out front. A shimmering 8 beat tambourine really adds to the rhythm, and guides the groove along. Solo with pan flute, harmonica, blazing lead guitar or Yamaha DX synth.

Midi Spot Style
Classic Dixieland backing with all the bells and whistles! You'll find the clarinets and horns blowing alongside a great bass and drum rhythm section, leaving plenty of room for some piano! Featured voices include clarinet, trumpet, and honky tonk piano!

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