Friday, August 5, 2011

New Yamaha Premium Styles: Baker Beat And 60's EuroPop!

New Premium Styles are my favorite thing to write about. Once our stellar programmers hand them over to us, I spend most of the morning playing around in our instrument lab, trying to play both my own new song ideas, and the songs that inspired the new batch of Premium Styles. This week has been no exception!

We've got new Premium Styles for late 70's Rock and 60's Euopean Pop, which of course are of the absolute highest quality. Yamaha Premium Styles are programmed by the same content production team that creates the factory installed Styles in Yamaha's best instruments. Each time you add a new Premium Style to your instrument you are upgrading your your performance library with the quality of sound and dynamic realism that that only Yamaha can deliver!

Baker Beat
Baker Beat was inspired by the 1978 hit song "Baker Street" from ex Stealers Wheel frontman Gerry Rafferty. This style captures the essence of the song perfectly without compromising the versatility that allows Styles to be used for other songs. The light congas add so much to the rhythm of this style, giving it just the right amount of groove. Featured voices include a rock sax (perfect for the ripping lead of Baker Street), suitcase electric piano, and wire synth lead.

60's EuroPop
This Style has a great "oompah" vibe with a "tic toc" 8 beat feel. Inspired by the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest winner "Puppet On A String" by Sandie Shaw, 60's EuroPop nods to a time when pop music was really orchestral. You'll find that this Style has been thoughtfully programmed with the perfect voices to reproduce this signature sound, including symphony horns, flutes, a woodwind section, and a string section. Try 60's EuroPop with some simple major chord progressions and use it to practice your scales, or try to capture the magic of the sweet late 60's orchestral pop.

Baker Beat, 60's EuroPop, and all Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

Have a great weekend!