Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yamaha Premium Style Set List: Play The Perfect Gig!

Putting together a good set list for your show can be really difficult. Everyone wants to begin and end their set with a big song, but that's the easy part. What do you put in the middle? Do you build intensity for a few tunes, then try your ballad? Maybe you start off slow, and work your way up to a dance party at the end? I know I've wasted hours of my life sitting in the rehearsal room scrutinizing every little detail of a 40 minute set. That's why I've put together a sweet set of Yamaha Premium Styles to make it just a little easier for you to get on stage!

If you don't have a gig lined up, practicing a set list at home can give you the professional experience of working one song into the next for a live performance. There are few things that are more grating than listening to a band tune up between each song. With Yamaha Keyboards and Clavinovas, you can put all the Styles for your show on a USB device, in the instrument's hard drive, or save them to a registration bank and call them up quickly and seamlessly during your show. Check out the set list I put together, and get started on your own today!

Disco Celebration
Every good set needs a high energy opener. Disco Celebration will fit the bill perfectly! With it's uptempo and undeniably dancey groove, you can make a solid first impression, and get the attention of your audience.

Funky 70's
Song number two is crucial! You have your audience's attention, now you have to work to keep it! Use Funky 70's to invoke the funk of Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music" and keep your party rolling! This one is a great second song because it's still uptempo, but you can save some room in your set to take it higher!

R&B Rock
Easily transition into a classic R&B rhythm for the third song in this set. Adjust the tempo to decide how big you want to go here, but we'll take it down a notch with the next song. R&B Rock has a steady backbeat and expressive brass voices for melody or added layers of rhythm.

Groove R&B
I generally like to cool things off in the fourth posistion of my set. For this purpose, I've put the Groove R&B Style here. It's not a complete ballad, but still enough of a departure from the really upbeat stuff we've already played. A Style like this one can add some depth to your set without losing all the energy.

The Blues
I've put one of our all time best selling Premium Styles in the fifth position: The Blues! This style is absolutely perfect for any classic blues tune! You can decide how fast or slow to play this one, but after a somewhat slow tune, The Blues can be used to start picking the tempo back up, while offering yet another layer of diversity to your set.

Piano Rock
Use Piano Rock to keep the mid-tempo jams rolling! Think Ben Folds or Billy Joel, and you're not far off! This style is pretty versatile, but I would play something bright in a major key because we're beginning to gear up for the end of our set. We want to get the groove back!

60's Pop Beat
Song 7 already? Didn't we just get on stage? Here we've got our 60's Pop Beat, perfect for songs like Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman. Speaking of cover songs, I love to put them near the end of a set! It makes a nice surprise for your audience, and frankly it's just fun to play other people's songs sometimes! Get inspired!

Memphis Soul
We've worked ourselves back up to the upbeat high energy level that we had at the beginning of our set! Memphis Soul has all the rhythm and blues of the famous Memphis Sound, giving you the tools for big songs like Wilson Pickett's The Midnight Hour! 2 Songs to go! Let's take it higher!

Sunshine Pop
Sunshine Pop is a highly infectious Style with a driving rhythm and an exciting feel! Inspired by the song Walking On Sunshine, this Style fits perfectly into the ninth slot of our set. It's our second to last chance to impress our audience, so lets give them something they can dance to!

Soul Pop
Our last song needs to be a scorcher! With the Soul Pop Premium Style, we can go out the same way we came in! High energy soul with a back beat anyone can dance to, groovy bass, bright horns, and warm organ fill out this Style making it a perfect show closer!

All Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection. Feel free to share your set lists and videos at the Yamaha Online Services Facebook page!