Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Premium Styles: Status Rock And Soft Piano Beat!

This week's new Premium Style files have redefined usability. Though on opposite ends of the rock and roll spectrum, both Styles fit easily into any live performance while offering classic and reliable rhythms for the studio or at the songwriting desk. Yamaha Premium Styles are made to the exacting standards of the pre-installed Styles in Yamaha keyboards, by the same team that programs the on-board content.

These are the absolute highest quality files available to Yamaha Style file users that want to seriously upgrade their performance options, and they're only available at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection. Keep reading to learn more about the new Soft Piano Beat and Status Rock Premium Styles from Yamaha!

Status Rock
I have been playing with this style all day! It's a burning hot blues rock style with some unexpected bells and whistles! Status Rock was inspired by the 1977 Classic Rock hit "Rockin' All Over The World" by Status Quo(Though written and originally recorded by John Fogerty). The driving blues rock vibe of this Style gives it a real fist-pumping quality, which is complimented by the subtle vocal harmonies that enter the second variation. My favorite variation is the fourth, where the entire Style transforms to give us dramatic synchronized hits that create a high energy moment, while leaving space for little bluesy licks. The One Touch Voice Settings could not be more perfectly paired! You get two scorching lead guitars, a rock organ, and a golden saxophone! Check out the demonstration video below, but the fun won't really start until you load Status Rock into your Yamaha keyboard!

Soft Piano Beat
The softer side of rock is no less versatile. Here we have a light, airy Style that lends itself easily to ballads, but it suits any mid-tempo piano rock tune with a few taps of the tempo button. Though this Style is based on Katie Melua's "The Closest Thing To Crazy", I quickly played through some of my favorite ballads including "Everything I Do(I Do It For You)" and "Unchained Melody", just to have fun trying some familiar songs with a new Style. Soft Piano Beat builds consistently through each variation, with One Touch Settings that match the added layers of complexity with subtle intensity. Featured voices include the world famous Yamaha Grand Piano, soothing flutes, and a warm string section.

Yamaha Premium Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection. Check out the entire catalog by clicking here!