Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hot Styles For Summer At Yamaha Online Services!

Yamaha Styles function just like the styles built into your keyboard. You get 4 variations in each style, 4 One Touch Settings (which call up perfect voices from your keyboard for soloing or playing melodies), and 3 intros and 3 endings to complete your performance. One of my favorite things about using Styles is the versatility of each file. Since Yamaha Styles are controlled by the notes you play on your keyboard, you can literally play hundreds of songs with the same style!

This week we've assembled a list of of Hot Latin and Cool Reggae Styles to get you ready for the summer! Load up a new style file and take a musical vacation to a tropical destination! Check out some of the samples below, or browse our entire Style Catalog by clicking here!

Brazil Guitar Samba
This mid-tempo style has a mellow feel with traditional hand percussion, and polyrhythmic guitars. The variations build slowly, adding layers of percussion to your composition. Featured voices include classical guitar, electric piano, and flute.

Mex Gt Rumba
Expertly programmed to take you to the Mexican Caribbean! The rhythm boasts arpeggiating electric piano, latin percussion and warm guitars. Take the lead with flute, accordian, or marimba, and carve out your own little piece of paradise!

Pop Reggae
A classic style that is ready made for Reggae hits like "One Love" or "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley. Play the melodies with vintage guitar, hot organ or full horn section voices!

Samba Rio
The complex percussion in this style makes it a unique yet authentic samba rhythm. Samba Rio transforms from a mild and spacious variation into a certifiable ruckus over the other 3 variations! Play your melody with nylon string guitar, accordian, and rockin' organ voices!

Soft Reggae
Take it down a notch with a softer, slower Reggae feel. This one is perfect for ballads, but still packs enough punch to fit nicely into your summer set. Lead voices include saxopohne, rock guitar, and a big organ sound!

Yamaha Styles are available exclusively from Yamaha Musicsoft and Internet Direct Connection.